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Cozy Powell deserves mention. His stints include time with Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Michael Schenker Group, Emerson Lake and Powell and others.
Again, this is Jim. Mary Jane, you mentioned this word in your post--"mature". What does that mean? Is it French? Perhaps I should have asked about it 40 years ago. In any case, I can't claim that any + 45 more characters
Hi Mary Jane. This is Jim Brown. I am in Miles City and I am using my little brother Stuart's log-in. I forgot my password. Let me clarify something. Mike was NOT gay when with you. But he confided i + 355 more characters
Don and Jim Brown will be there. (Siblings Stuart '80 and Barb '66 will be in town also, and intend to crash the Friday night activities.) Stuart
MR- Remember Legrid well, red hair if I recall. The "toughest" of my Lincoln school experience. As I mentioned in another post, as tough as I may have thought she was, Erna Idler, 6th grade was a whol + 93 more characters
I enjoyed ALL my Lincoln teachers, but in order... --Ms (Mrs.?) Walters, 3rd. Learned cursive! (A challenge for a sloppy lefty using a right handed desk!) --Ms. Timmer, 1st. Remember Lions and Tigers + 621 more characters
Janelle Chapman (Class of 80) passed away in Feb 2008, colon cancer. url
Mary Wallick Class of 1981. Passed away April 3rd '07, cancer. Bob (Robert) Koehler Class of 1980. Passed away in February 28th '07, cancer.
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