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e = mc squared
I am still digesting the fact that towards the top of the thread, Bob L. indicates that Rob owes $7M on the property. Who woulda thunk it!?
If you can put ketchup on it, I'm all in!
What sort of food is it?
Tim Tebow rocks!
I heard it was The University of Partly Northern Sorta Western Texas VS Delinquent Boys of Southern Mississppi Jr. College.
You should thank them in person or with a handwritten note.
The live stream on the 92.3 fm website is very good.
He for sure made a gaffe when talking about abortion. Seems like he's back in the "illegal for any reason" camp, so we now know he can waffle like any other politician. I just don't know what to make + 54 more characters
Not what I asked
The people doing 75 going down the middle of the road are not there to piss us off on purpose and I'm sure they don't think they are driving in an unsafe manner. So IF they read this whole thread, the + 74 more characters
Can someone enlighten me on the meaning of the weird Herman Cain ads? I thought I could identify with him, but this is just a little too weird even for me
For what it's worth:
I don't like nacho cheese, especially from someone's spilled food, I do have a sense of humor, I appreciate sarcasm, I don't mind paying $5 to see the Cowboys kick some a** (yes, they are the team in + 233 more characters
I have arrived at both home football games right on time to be told they were out of programs. This happened to me last year too. Who does a person contact to mention this to and hopefully have more a + 118 more characters
Today at about noon at Albertson's all the deli stuff was in the big cooler while somebody tried to decide if it had all spoiled during some big boo boo.
Cheryl, this is a real stretch. . . . the republicans are just trying to keep things balanced. A pendulum swings both ways, but always comes to the center unless someone forgets to wind the clock. If + 301 more characters
I love how a person either has to get an appointment on the internet or call Helena to get their Driver's License issued, renewed, or replaced in Miles City.
You're not much fun since I quit drinking. . . . .
The John Carr I know from the Winifred area lives in Belize!
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