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That particular employee has been nothing but friendly when I have been there. Its not right to publicly bad mouth an individual and say he or she needs fired when all people are doing are trying to m + 93 more characters
I don't get on here very often so this is a bit late. But for Bob, after that gay couple comment I am wondering what kind of sick shit is going through this idiots head. Things like that are what remi + 133 more characters
I think you done fell and bumped your head.
Just drive to Walmart in Williston and then you all will quit complaining.
I think it would go over quite well. I had a conversation with some friends recently about how much fun that would be.
I really don't think its too hard to be walking down the sidewalk while looking around at the same time. And maybe think to yourself, hey there's a bike I might want to get out of the way.
You can't beat the Bison Bar
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