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Quite a poet! Wonderful!!
Tucker, you have said it all! I agree with you and have said the same (you, more eloquently than I)! I know I can't change the world - just myself. Not much for fighting the system, although I do drea + 175 more characters
These pets have been returned. Thank you so much!
My neighbor's 2 Labradoodles have escaped in this extreme cold! One is a dark brown male and one a light cream female. Lost from the River and 6th St. area. If you have seen them or have them, PLEASE + 34 more characters
That was a very interesting read! Thanks for sharing!
We have a group who go out to eat once a week.We choose a different restaurant every week. All of our restaurants offer something for everyone! We all like different food and the variety at all of the + 1102 more characters
We all appreciate the information on the Berry family and all the updates on Chava! Thank you Dan for taking this upon yourself to help this family out and bring the need to our attention. I do not kn + 694 more characters
RE: HELP 10 years ago
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Is there a neighbor or other family member who can or will go over and look in on her? It might help if you have someone else to back you up on what you are seeing. Have you checked with County Health + 368 more characters
The grandson had a bike stolen out of their yard and then a scooter "exchanged". So I'm imagining it was more than one child who did this. I didn't realize how many others were having this problem. Bi + 140 more characters
I can't wait to read the rest! What a great read! I see some family names in there too, as I am married into a Rooshin family from the area!
This sounds wonderful! Is it a fundraiser?
St. Vincents will also help with anything they need. The family can come in and choose clothing and household items there. It's wonderful to see so much support!
RE: yard 11 years ago
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Call C&T Spraying. They do sterilizing.
Voted for Amber! Hope she wins! What a sweet girl and what a great cause!
Maybe if there is anyone out there who is a "couponer" they could get the BOGO items and donate the stuff they get free. Unfortunately I don't have the knack for couponing but if someone knows how and + 157 more characters
I, too, consider Mary Faye a wonderful person. We enjoyed many, many laughs together at St. Vincent's while volunteering! We loved her stories and her opinions. What a wonderful woman! My husband reme + 129 more characters
I would like to extend my sympathy to Ike as well. 55 years is a long time to be together and you did it through better and worse!
My husband, Kenny and I were married in 1972 and had 2 sons while he was in the Army. We parted ways three years later and went on to marry others and have children with our spouses.My husband passed + 418 more characters
Do you want the stories posted here or directly to you at the Star?
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