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This lovely Ms. Kitty has decided our back deck is her temporary home and we're worried that someone may be looking for her. She's just too healthy to be a stray so if she is yours, please contact me + 161 more characters
We have outstanding speakers and a great agenda, so hope you will join us! Brownfields Tools for Redevelopment and Economic Growth June 19, 2014 8:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. MST The Sleep Inn, Tongue River + 2987 more characters
YOU ARE INVITED! You are invited to join us in attending a FREE Brownfields workshop on June 19 which is being co-hosted by the City of Miles City Historic Preservation Office and the Technical Assis + 1416 more characters
You do a great job on Niedgfest every year! Thank you for all the hard work it has taken to create this great event every year. The Montana Office of Tourism has a Special Events Grant Program (SEGP) + 434 more characters
Please Share! I'm helping my daughter get the news out about a fund raiser for Dan Sampson, a friend of hers, to be held Saturday afternoon. Please share this all over town - and everywhere - this is + 1247 more characters
I think there are some stats available at the Montana Associate of Counties (MACO) website that provide amounts, and I think they might be more recent. Haven't looked at them since last year, but it i + 185 more characters
Hope the police and sheriff's office are all over this -- we do not need some one like this on the loose. Good thing the girls were in the car - not walking.
Makes me a little nostalgic for the Ballon Rally days. It's nice to see them floating peacefully along the valley.
Here is a picture of the beach area and facilities with Mt. Helena in the background. Maybe a Cardboard Boat race would be a fun way to raise part of the money... It is not owned or managed by the cit + 199 more characters
Cory, I second your thought about seeing the paddleboats, and perhaps canoe rentals as well. For another wonderful "mud" swimming hole, check out Green Meadow Lake next time you are in Helena. On any + 617 more characters
Sigrid and her family have been inspiring future leaders, one kid at a time, one swim team at a time, since I can remember. My daugher's first job was as a life guard there and later taught swimming l + 235 more characters
Always hoped we would hear her in full voice again, see her healthy and happy again. Very saddened.
"I'm on a roll guys, so just hear me out. I'm going with it." Diatribe or Manifesto?
I am just thankful for another Thursday! Especially as entertaining as this one has been.
Whoa -- a friend just suggested I read your post, which follows, and set you straight... "Clm, if you led any or all p)revious efforts your defensive nature is entirely understandable. However, I stil + 1477 more characters
OMG LOL Do I dare answer this way? Will my friends, family, colleagues think less of me if I do? Oh well -- here goes: That is "Miss" Bitch to you, Ashley.
Why, thank you Amorette! We need to talk about another "project" -- Please call or email me? Thanks!
LOL! "...My remark about you feeling so 'entitled' was about your assumption that you would even be considered to write such grant. Who's information is it, rightfully. Think about it." Exactly. My. P + 5 more characters
"Mary, thanks for the info. Im a quote person, too. Who is currently in possession of all of this information? It isntI organized, together, or even in existence anymore in some cases, am I right?" No + 947 more characters
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