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Gunnar, thanks for the clarification. I understand your hesitancy to engage with the crowd you are describing, it often feels like an exercise in futility. However, I have seen those conversations bea + 1475 more characters
David, thanks for the correction on where Evergreen is located as well as the link to the brain study. Regardless of Shapiro's journalistic abilities, as an American he has a right to free speech like + 1608 more characters
Retreating further into the identity politics bunkers will get us nowhere. Finger pointing, name calling, and claiming mental and/or moral superiority over any group of people is a surefire way to ali + 1305 more characters
I really like the 34/70 yeast. Makes a nice crisp lager. And you can cut out the hassle of a giant starter.
Two large dogs running around. One has a red collar, black and white fur, shaggy. Haven't got close to the other one, gray in color. Call 853-4332
The ARS memo was not approved by the Department and has been rescinded.
Thanks Gunnar
Marty, First meeting will be at my house.
If you are interested in being a part of a homebrew club, please respond to this post or call/text 853-4332. Whether you are interested in starting to homebrew or have been brewing for 10 years, you a + 94 more characters
Ever wonder what role barley, hops, yeast and water play in your favorite beer? Did you know there are 75+ different styles of recognized beer? This Saturday May 4th, the newly founded Miles City Home + 297 more characters
Hi brewers and beer geeks, I am interested in starting a homebrewer's club in Miles City. The club would serve as a platform to educate, improve brewing techniques, share tips-tricks, bulk ingredient + 341 more characters
Is there an open skate for really little guys? My daughter will only be two but I want to try her on skates this winter.
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