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I don't care about gay as if they leave me alone. I do believe gay is against god. it makes sick what 2 guys having sex. disgusting. guys who ware makeup and try to talk like a girl, is a freak in my + 4 more characters
anybody who supports trump is an idiot. and every body else are perverts and right up there with with dog shit. and so is anybody who support this filth. they said drain the swamp. ya right it now tto + 3 more characters
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dentures did you know 5 hours ago
i got full set top snd bottom the top denture hsd thst plate that covers the whole top of mouth.  fell like it fill my whole mouth was full, and hard to sallow. i ask 3 different dentist to see if i  + 319 more characters
its winter don't need bike but give you 500 for it. call greg if interested
have dog, saved lifes twice. been great freind  well trained, all shots current. doesnt like other dogs. great with people. he needs home which not his fault. moved intonew apt, carpet causes jack to + 129 more characters
22 pistol, nice gun 2 months ago
has two cycinders, wood handle,  250.00 firm call greg at 406-351=3143