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I don't care about gay as if they leave me alone. I do believe gay is against god. it makes sick what 2 guys having sex. disgusting. guys who ware makeup and try to talk like a girl, is a freak in my + 4 more characters
anybody who supports trump is an idiot. and every body else are perverts and right up there with with dog shit. and so is anybody who support this filth. they said drain the swamp. ya right it now tto + 3 more characters
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if you dont have the insurance, and cant aford insulin call me at 406-351-3143
need rider to alaska one month ago
i have ford explore with small trailor. the price for car on ferry is 1732.00. im 500 short. there is a person fee of 640 too.  boat is leaves bellingham sept 7.  if you want a ride or need a trailor + 46 more characters
98 ford explorer great rig,  little utillty trailor, savage 243 rifle w, scope, sling case and amo. good beginner guiar,  midle detaker w head phones and small shovel. 34in flat screen call greg at 40 + 10 more characters