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this virus is running wild. and everybody not wearing mask, dum. and opening up way dum
our president taking a drug that doent work. I hope hed drink a gal bleah fucken idoit. and all these people protesting and our gov opening up will kill us all fucken assholes
i would like to here if anybody is having problem getting pay by unemployment.   my self got two checks at regular benifits. but then they gave me the 600 a week. and sence they put me on that its bee + 148 more characters
my fed tax of 499 was garnish, now I here the stim check can be taken too. I say this if that happens to me. there will be war. im probly going to die of this virus. im eiglible to receive unemploymen + 151 more characters
im on ssi, I have diabeties, copd etc. I filed faxes, turns out I owe montana 3 dollars. fed too my refund of 499. it went to aizona. I have never been there. so how can I owe someone there. cant call + 655 more characters
hes an idiot, lier, raracist  and is going to kill all us. he can kiss my #$%^.  anybody who think he a great president,  better get a brain .
I don't care about gay as if they leave me alone. I do believe gay is against god. it makes sick what 2 guys having sex. disgusting. guys who ware makeup and try to talk like a girl, is a freak in my + 4 more characters
anybody who supports trump is an idiot. and every body else are perverts and right up there with with dog shit. and so is anybody who support this filth. they said drain the swamp. ya right it now tto + 3 more characters
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ld like a babt duck call greg at 981-1632
i have awesome 98 ford explorer . runs and looks great.  has 800 in new 10 pli tires, 1200 new stero with cd, bluetooth, and free hands calling.  new flood lamps front and back, that also blink amber + 272 more characters
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i have harley  want to replace foot peg with foot boards it olny 1 bolt ea ch side and vwryeasy to do. but i have no tools  ill pay you 20 bucks to come over and put them onproblely take 20 min. call + 20 more characters
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face mask 2 months ago
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diabeties is a deadly illness. if you dont have enoudh test strips, insullin call greg at 406981
i have a mojo cell phone with straight talk ,  trying to hook up blink camea system i cant make it work. cell wont let me hook up in my car.  i have a samsung s 10 cell phone like to put chip in that + 88 more characters