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I don't care about gay as if they leave me alone. I do believe gay is against god. it makes sick what 2 guys having sex. disgusting. guys who ware makeup and try to talk like a girl, is a freak in my + 4 more characters
anybody who supports trump is an idiot. and every body else are perverts and right up there with with dog shit. and so is anybody who support this filth. they said drain the swamp. ya right it now tto + 3 more characters
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lonely, tired of staying home, going batty , if you know anybody with baby kitten. call greg at 406-981-1749
would like cub cab. also 4x4.  yhat would great. but whats important is looks and runs good;  my 98 ford explorer ill trade.  my exporer has to much up grades. new battery, wipers, 900 in 10 plie tire + 420 more characters
a great deal one month ago
cant find a job, its time for me to go. i have alot of health problems. i need to get home to alaska. but that wont happen on ssi. so i am offering this,  i have great shape 98 ford explorer. good pai + 980 more characters
gheck this out one month ago
i have a 98 explorer prefeck condition. lots of up greades. life kit, 900 in new beefy tires, a new 600 stero with blue tooth, free hands cell call. plus cd. it has flood lamps front and back , plus f + 446 more characters
looking for baby kitten one month ago
my dog is greifing his best freind a cat . so looking a kitten. call greg at 4063513143
i lost my insurance over the holiday and my insuln went from 8 buck a pen 454 bucks that made me think theres proably lots people who cant afford diabeties call me at 406 351 3143  if you need help
i have large type basket that fits in trailor hitch.  got new in the box for 165 bucks. put it togeher ang used it once hauling full size dresser in it . from forsyth to miles city. it will haul a lot + 58 more characters
great dog needs yard. comes with everything. interested call greg at 4063513143