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I have to throw in my mom's family. Her parents, Isaac Fowler and Gertrude Vest had 8: Laurence Shirley (who died at 13) John Forrest Josephine Virginia Lonabelle Thelma (my mother) Rex Alger Dorothy + 37 more characters
I'm interested in the history of the Olive Hotel. My father, Ted L Comstock, was born in 1907 and moved to Miles City very soon after. He is listed in a 1927 city directory as Manager of the Olive. I + 489 more characters
Hi I just joined this forum. My grandmother was married to Robert Shook (known as Burl). They lived in Seattle from about when I was born, 1946, altho the 1940 census shows them in Miles City. My gran + 271 more characters
I know this is a bit late to enter this conversation, but I just got here! I'm the son of Ted L. Comstock, who was the son of Abner and Minnie. Any relationship?
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