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Wendy, Why turn something different and beautiful into ugliness? It's people like you that I teach my kids not to be like. Those names have been in our family for generations. Phoenix was named after + 416 more characters
I have a common name, Jennifer, which I hated growing up because there were always so many with that name everywhere. I love unique names. I named my son Lyric because my husband and his side of the f + 476 more characters
Maybe she has a deep freezer and spans it out...are ya really going to worry that much about it? Taxes have to be paid regardless of how it's distributed. There are far worse things in life than being + 424 more characters
Hmmmm....a bad decision would be not wearing a jacket on a chilly day, not acting carelessly that could result in fatalities. The public has a right to be outraged because he didn't just put himself a + 421 more characters
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