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I've been anticipating this matchup since october. I think that the seahawks offense vs the broncos defense is a wash but more importantly i think that the seahawk defense matches up really well again + 187 more characters
Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed the second video, some great moments for Mariner fans. Hopefully we can add more from the 2012 season. Wednesdays 9th inning was awsome.
I'm in
No, their best opportunity for that is to go to and read forums.
Try Grace Bible Church on stower street behind (east of) Walmart. That would be a close match.
Kudos! Nicley done.
Sorry Bob, you get credit for the 96, I type to slow.
Rarely do I agree with this many posts on this site so I feel compelled to respond. First Patrick shares my big concern about team chemistry and Milton Bradley. Considering the M's recent moves I've n + 374 more characters
Thanks! Very interesting.
Jamie Moyer has been one of my favorites for a long time but I think the Rays match up well against him and I'll have to go with the Rays again with a score of 7-4.
RAYS: 5-2
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