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Good won! Gunnar ... got thee ... they do $fund both sides, tho? If not a moovee then I am an illusion from the cactus plains ... sometimes too long in the plains and you see things ... like the real + 878 more characters
In analysis of what she said: ... She is right on the Smoney!!!, Enough said! New post on Cactus Plains; Crowned King of the Rangeland Ecosystem; Rothschilds Choice????????????? very intelligent gal ? + 650 more characters
Stupidisity, a word I created to describe "BRAINWASHED FOOL MENTALITY",pronounced (stupid is ity), stupidisitiosis is a chronic wasting disease stemming from stupidisity functioning of those infected + 914 more characters
Good Post Big Cow BO9! Did not know you had it in ewe? Broom Ryder ... I'd donate to a one way ticket Now lets do something about it ... the school system is a Satanic Communist Nazi devastation on t + 1188 more characters
You are cracking me up Gunnar, not good for a succulent prickly pear buried in the snow. Did you notice Big Cow said that he was sure 99.999 that there was no sky daddy God. Then low and behold a hugh + 531 more characters
Thanks for the warning ... I know what you mean ... I made my points ... proof: in the rain, chemtrails, microbiology books, sick people and ecosystems and in the ether aka God Mind. Again thanks for + 322 more characters
Whack!!! it's out of here >>>>>>>>>>> Ewe the dumba$$ kelly Every cell can produce phosphodiesterase, which it does when it tells the cell to shut down (a tiny amount) ... flex muscle ... relax muscle ... Yes v + 1329 more characters
ewe mr Big Cow BO9 ... are a FRAUD! Like I said before you don't know poop about black mold! You are a treasonous traitor to the ecosystems of eastern Montana. The contents of the chemtrails prove tha + 908 more characters
Broom Ryder ... like I said before you are a fraud! You are the anti-American ... just like the OPC/CIA newspaper ... you work for the Vatican ... not the people of America. SATAN is the power behind + 1165 more characters
With the Sun about to break over the poisoned hard grass plains I see enlightenment shining on religious dogma; government religion media education ... all MIND CONTROL of the m asses SATAN, his nick + 582 more characters
Those of higher frequency know the United Nations, NATO, and the CIA Israelis are spraying the big skies of Montana with man made bio weapons, we know what Bt is, we understand diseases and know what + 1325 more characters
So what? The Black veil of Evil is lifting??? What about the two Black Popes Kolvenbach and Nicholas Redass (I forgot his name). These dudes control the CIA and the security agencies of every country + 706 more characters
Bob, appreciate the comment and the subtle intelligence. Like it or not intelligent mankind has to come together and address the issue of poisoning the rain with chemtrails over the un-united states o + 766 more characters
A. B. Made me laugh so hard I almost tipped over in the Cactus. I think you maybe blew the wheels out from under the Bridgier, he is probably stuck bumper deep in the gumbo, maybe knee deep and can't + 349 more characters
RE: Sunset 10 years ago
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Sammy Walkin Eagle; You don't even know what that means? Pseudomonas fluorescens is a natural gut flora or a man made bio wea pon? Answer the questions Walkin Eagle? I stand by what I have said. You a + 636 more characters
You were fishing for something like that huh! Cactus Pains
Copied from Sagebrush Ecological Intelligence Report #27 Traitors of the West (2003), this was sent to Alex Jones and he covered up the truth for years. Weather control and population control are two + 5515 more characters
none of you have the intelligence to understand how bacillus can invert into a virus? ... a strand of DNA that generates phosphodiesterase or other enzymes. The Medical World will have a polar shift + 314 more characters
RE: Sunset 10 years ago
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Cock a doodle doo! Hal your photos are pretty! yes however many show weather control (indicators) and the one with the bleached vegetation and Mountain in the background; has a Pseudomaonas fluoresce + 770 more characters
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