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So much for a Montana rematch, But I still got 1 Montana team to root for.
See ya all tonight, have a good match...
Next meeting is tomorrow night 10/3/2019, 7PM at VFW. I hear Olive, Parkers, and Golden Spur will not be sponsoring this year. Trails & Tavern have openings. I have not talked with the Elks. Those who + 129 more characters
See you all there tonight, 7PM VFW club Miles city.
A little late but before Thursday's 7 PM meeting at VFW. Here is what I found out, I apologize for any errors. 1) The Montana & VFW are probably full. 2) Trails Inn, & Tavern prob have openings. 3) O + 409 more characters
Thanks for posting this Al... TTT I can be texted at 852-2256 as well. Wednesday or Thursday I will put out a list of places with an open table, that will be looking for players to the best of my know + 200 more characters
Come on, I thought we grew or made our own... Beer & wine that is.. Heck with that chemical stuff..
Got to admit the classified's livened up a little...
I remember riding AMTRAK to Missoula & back 2-3 times between Fall 78 & Christmas 1979 before it really closed down. That was a bummer cuz it was a great ride, with all the drinks a poor college stude + 109 more characters
Yep we are there, end of season. Just tourney left. I will have tourney schedules with me tonight. Oh yah, and some money for the good players too. 7:00 PM see ya there...
Is this club still going?, and what night do they meet. I do not have a facebook account, and do not see getting one any time soon. If I get no response here I will make a few other calls. Thanks in a + 98 more characters
What ever happened to you not being able to be taxed out of your property. I think it had something to do with the homestead act...
Thanks David... That looks to be a good game indeed, both being 11-0
Amen Jeri ....
Snowy, really I think she's just baiting YOU ! ...
He played a pretty good game of chess as well.
Can't bear them, if you can't buy and sell them... Just sayin',... I would prefer the ad's stay here, but really Larry's (Lenny's ) call. Larry could you e-mail me your address again, I think it is + 18 more characters
come on guys, this was prob the first good post I have seen snowy do on a MCD post
WOW Gary, excellent response to an 11 yr old post...
Thanks David !!
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