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Come on Steve you ride a bide out in the open air (ok pedal) , I hear parking there is gonna be a treat..., how can that go bad? Maybe if we just add beer
I agree about the masks, not so much on the opening up. If you don't like that part stay at home.
Dang it it's summer, and pool parties are COOL.
per Montana Cadestral Rick is still listed as property owner of Texas Club site, Thompson's was modified in Aug 2016 as being owned by Stockmans.
Yea, Me thinks that van has been around since before 1990 [Edited by Earl Bennett (5/13/2020 5:49:30 AM)]
We are quite current, we apparently just don't have it yet..
That was good, , I know it is a repeat of some of what I have heard...
I think the shelter in place rules can be removed in some places. Others it might be best not to. The thing is we need to be able to test so we can see when a change is occurring. We should be able to + 260 more characters
I suspect you both may be correct, and still living and having beers may under score that...
Great group of cars down there tonight. WOW lot of cars I suspect there more beers in the cars in the 70's
and I suspect better tasting...
Ditto . .. ...
I like when people can use a crystal ball for future prediction, with the aid of 20:20 hindsight to point the way. Fool proof that way (mostly) ...
David, sorry to hear of the loss of your neighbor... Yep the virus is very real, not here yet (TG) but we can watch it come. 1st death in Billings yesterday.
Gunner; That had to be after a home made brew
At least shipped by him
Now that is a streetlight
The story states corner of main & 7th, looks more like 8th and main to me. On 2nd look I guess it could be where the US bank is, and that is the Milligan in the background instead of Fosters Drug. Was + 125 more characters
I believe you might be right in some of these [Edited by Earl Bennett (2/6/2020 6:11:50 PM)]
I kind of liked the local scenery...
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RE: Free Leather couch 2 months ago
Gone, Thanks...
Free Leather couch 2 months ago
on boulevard 120 S. Custer, come pick it up. Will go to dump mon or tues.
RE: F/S Tires 15" 3 months ago
Al, I might stop and look at these today or tomorrow