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Is this club still going?, and what night do they meet. I do not have a facebook account, and do not see getting one any time soon. If I get no response here I will make a few other calls. Thanks in a + 98 more characters
What ever happened to you not being able to be taxed out of your property. I think it had something to do with the homestead act...
Thanks David... That looks to be a good game indeed, both being 11-0
Amen Jeri ....
Snowy, really I think she's just baiting YOU ! ...
He played a pretty good game of chess as well.
Can't bear them, if you can't buy and sell them... Just sayin',... I would prefer the ad's stay here, but really Larry's (Lenny's ) call. Larry could you e-mail me your address again, I think it is + 18 more characters
come on guys, this was prob the first good post I have seen snowy do on a MCD post
WOW Gary, excellent response to an 11 yr old post...
Thanks David !!
I kind of like the instrumental from 2cellos, don't have a clue how to link it like this. But search for 2cellos, thunderstruck, and youtube finds it. By the way, that one was good atomicg !! [Edited + 34 more characters
I might add hopefully we have a valid ID that gets us in even not carrying the above named weapon. I remember making jokes about the Russians having to have papers to travel (train, plane, or automobi + 190 more characters
Mine went out for a minute or so this morning, but came back up again over by Lincoln school.
I enjoyed that read.
Miles City Pool League Mid-Season Pool Tourney Sat. & Sun. December 16-17, 2017 Sign up as doubles ($20 per player) Sign up Friday 12/15/2017 @ 7 PM Trails Inn League Rules, I'll answer questions at s + 223 more characters
My rich friend had his in stocks. DJIA 17K to 24 K since trump was elected. I'm just worried about the next crash. Gotta learn how to lock that 40% in !!
Seems just a couple yrs back we were $300 million in the black. Way closer to now than 2003... I have to admit their current situation sucks, hard to spend money you don't have. At least in my budget. + 108 more characters
Spotted Eagle has gotten smaller since then.
You know Hal, I can see a small resemblance there. If he had your hat & glasses ...
65 years later we can all see how that worked. Sometime in the early 50's my folks had a photo of a 20+ footer leaning against a sheriff car, that had been cut down at their farm.
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Thanks AL, will be stopping by next week....