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Dick; For me the second shot was painful slightly longer than the first, but was gone by day 2. I really never had any other problems, but I have seen a few. Hope we were all wearing masks for ya
Ya Dave we are around 3rd, no Sturgis here, I do know some who went. altho we did have a few fairs, and even and wild horse Indian thing here in Miles City. It's getting ugly at the hospitals, hopeful + 268 more characters
Thanks Lee for all you do..
Funny, I just watched Dr. Fauci say a lock down is not the answer. "We should use public health measures to solve the problem". You know, the ones Trump does not want to follow...
He will know more for sure if he lives thru it, good lesson for us all...
add 1 more today....
I don't know, if I owned a ranch in Montana, I might want to be able to collect some of its water (from the sky).
The BEAUTY of this all is WE can still voluntarily WEAR a mask without a mandate should we LEARN that might be (IS)a GOOD IDEA, for US, and our FAMILIES.
Now, I think of some of my nursing co-patriots who stand in a line knowingly to (at risk of self) test thousands of at risk people (apparently some are asymptomatic). Many of them wear a FACE SHIELD a + 240 more characters
Nope, I'll bet Bert would wear one, if not yep i'll call him an idiot too over a
Gunner, good cartoon , I will definitely wear my mask, esp at Walmart. I had a talk with buddy about it yesterday. He is a idiot on this and I couldn't help telling him that. Why is it even a thought + 102 more characters
Actually Tucker, That person had a breathing problem and could not wear a mask because of it. I think she was even saying that in the video. I can wear a reg mask but the N95 masks give me some troubl + 67 more characters
Come on Steve you ride a bide out in the open air (ok pedal) , I hear parking there is gonna be a treat..., how can that go bad? Maybe if we just add beer
I agree about the masks, not so much on the opening up. If you don't like that part stay at home.
Dang it it's summer, and pool parties are COOL.
per Montana Cadestral Rick is still listed as property owner of Texas Club site, Thompson's was modified in Aug 2016 as being owned by Stockmans.
Yea, Me thinks that van has been around since before 1990 [Edited by Earl Bennett (5/13/2020 5:49:30 AM)]
We are quite current, we apparently just don't have it yet..
That was good, , I know it is a repeat of some of what I have heard...
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