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I worked at CC Rest Home (Yellostone Valley) while I was in HS as a Nurse Assistant - it was a great experience & many residents there touched my life & I took some of their advice to heart that has i + 868 more characters
Janelle Lynn Chapman October 12th, 1961 - February 10th, 2008 Janelle Lynn Chapman was born in Miles City, Montana, daughter of Alan and Norma (Bastian) Chapman. She was baptized into the family of ou + 2127 more characters
I too am a former employee of Senger Broadcasting. Not only was I treated with respect - I was paid what I was worth and on time. Thanks Kevin! I had worked in the radio industry in a larger market fo + 1195 more characters
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OK I'm going to try this once again... my mouse slipped & I clicked on cancel! Hi! WOW it doesn't seem like 25 yrs! I'm in PHX AZ & I LOVE IT - I prefer getting into a hot car w/ AC than bitter cold & + 815 more characters
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