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I've read what you have all thought and said about this crime and the details and questions surrounding these cases. Lonette Keehner the lady who was stabbed to death in the motel is my sister. I woul + 1069 more characters
I was just recently talking to a geologist about cleaning crystals and he suggested Oxalic Acid. I checked with several stores who then suggested a pharmacy. I talked to two pharmacies and they were u + 388 more characters
Thanks Tim, and everyone else out there as well. Your support for our schools is very much appreciated.
Just saw this post. Don't know where the information came from saying the Garfield School did not collect labels. We have collected not only soup labels but also any BoxTops for Educator labels for ma + 297 more characters
We use the Miles City Vet clinic for all our animals and have for 10 years or more. They are caring, efficient, and professional. They know our animals by first name, treat them like their own and und + 129 more characters
Jan, You have the right idea. Paintballs are rather inexpensive and if you are a good shot maybe the "sting" will help them remember the next time they take things from other people. We, too, had our + 688 more characters
Let me know as well. I took Zumba in Spokane last summer and it was a blast not to mention a great exercise program done in a really fun way. It's great for gals as well as guys. I have been looking e + 174 more characters
Ditto, glad she found her pets. It is a terrifying feeling not knowing where they might be, if they are alright or when and how you might find them... if you do. It's nice to know that there are so ma + 140 more characters
What's the address of last seen? What location of town?
Taking the train is a pretty nice way to travel. Not at all expensive either in comparison to other ways. We get on at Glasgow and it is really a simple plan. Go to Glasgow, get on the train, get the + 202 more characters
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