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Southern Culture On The Skids! Nice!
Or Gunnar Owens!
Lady's and Gentlemen, Dwight Emilsson!
I think Bread originally wrote and performed this but I like Cake's version of "The Guitar Man" Who draws the crowd, who plays so loud baby, it's the guitar man. Who's gonna steal the show, you know, + 1100 more characters
I think it's somewhere near the center of Arkansas.
My I-pod... AC?DC, The Addicts, Alan Jackson, Beastie Boys, Big and Rich, Billy Currington, Biz Markie, Blake Shelton, Bloodhound Gang, Bouncing Souls, Brad Paisley, Britney Fox, Brooks and Dunn, Buck + 1147 more characters
Just drafted my team. Pretty excited! QB's Peyton and Cutler RB's Slaton, DeAngello Williams, Thomas Jones WR's Vincent Jackson, Desean Jackson, Derrick Mason, Bernard Berrian Te's Anthony Fasano, Vi + 131 more characters
I had an awesome experience with this program. Better fuel economy, small monthly payments, 0% financing for the duration of the loan and a reliable car. I'm gonna miss the Nissan but that Subaru sure + 35 more characters
Looks like I'm a rapper, astronaut, assistant professor at Duke, have been nominated for 4 Oscars, make sundials, an architect, founder and president of ZOLL Data Systems, City Council member in Charl + 195 more characters
I was told that the premium for flood insurance prior to the release of the new maps will be significantly lower than if you wait until after the map is released. I think its almost double if you wait + 1 more characters
I was trying to find a YouTube video for the Reverend Horton Heat's "Eat Steak" but found this instead.
The man blows me away. He couldn't have been more than 19 years old when this was filmed.
I had a '99 VW Jetta VR6 that governed at 142. Kind of a chick car but it hauled @ss. I think 0-60 in 6.9 sec. The only car that I would not mess with at the time was the dreaded WRX. Dang those Subar + 13 more characters
"I used to use this little gun when I was a prostitute" - Pineapple Express
Quotes from The Big Lebowski "You're out of your element Donnie!" "Shut the @#$% up Donnie!" "You said it man... Nobody @#$%s with the Jesus!" "This ain't Nam Walter" "Give us the money Lebowski or + 27 more characters
'I want my two dollars!' - Better Off Dead 'Robster Craws? What the **** are robster craws?' - Revenge of The Nerds
Slosh/Caleb, The original course that we made may be hard to find. We had no baskets or posts just trees. The mule train is going to be in town this weekend. Maybe I can talk the bug and mule into hea + 274 more characters
Tyler, Talk to Smith. Him along with the mule train and myself where the ones who made the folf course out there. It's probably a little overgrown but I remember it pretty well. It is a little more ph + 119 more characters
I recall DFH's playing not only folf but also ultimate during my days in Missoula. I would also like to point out that there is an excellent folf course out at Woodruf Park that would rival any course + 69 more characters
My List... 1. Les Claypool - Need I say more 2. Flea - RHCP 3. Cliff Burton - The late and great! 4. Scott Ian - Anthrax 5. John Paul Jones - Zeppelin 6. Roger Waters - Floyd 7. Geezer Butler - Sabbat + 153 more characters
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