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Next thing you know Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny will resign!!
Road Runner is a great caterer.
Your job must not be too stellar if you don't know that it is shooting, not shotting??? Anyone that can mess this up certainly doesn't have any merit to be throwing stones about someone elses ignoranc + 2 more characters
I thought Osama was dead....
Probably Cause?? Haha! Most of you commenting are just jealous this guy has a job unlike your trailer trash selves. Stop reproducing!
Is someone off of their meds?
I notice that only left wingers are commenting all day long on these threads. I guess the republicans are busy working and cant sit on their butts and blog all day. Pathetic. Keep your filthy hands ou + 11 more characters
Howdy, why don't you just give the credit to who deserves it. The taxpayers! You might as well slip that $72 a month out of your kids, and grandkids pockets since they will be the ones paying for it o + 128 more characters
My guess is that Anna is a welfare victim, and probably tried trapping some poor guy by getting pregnant.
K.D.: Ok now add escrow, and tell me what your payment is. I was including taxes, and insurance.
With all do respect. Your nice, and my nice must be two different things. Four years ago I couldn't find a nice place for under 100K. Yet your mortgage would make me believe that your house must have + 123 more characters
My 3 bedroom costs me over 900 a month to own. I wouldn't rent it for less than a grand.
Bridgier: It was not tough guy talk. I am tired of people like you making a stink about something as stupid and petty as this. Yes I think it was an ignorant act, but in the scheme of things it is not + 331 more characters
Last time I checked Bin-Laden was the Taliban Leader before his demise. It is bleeding heart liberals like you (Bridgier) that keep the military's hands tied.
Yes in civilian clothing, hence "guerilla warfare". Before you go feeling sorry for these people, think of 9/11.
Not very smart of them, but I won't be losing any sleep over it tonight.
It is "where".
If my neighbor had 5 dogs in the yard next to me I would move. Sorry, but keep the dog shelters outside of city limits. There is plenty of land out of town, and no one would be bothered by the smell a + 11 more characters
Jeff Snyder's wife aka (Aaeden's mom): I don't think asking the question is what got you all of the heat rounds. It was the idiotic answer to the male that was trying to help answer your question. But + 25 more characters
Aaedens Mom, it appears that you are very sexist. Maybe you should be doing the dishes and cleaning your single wide instead of bashing men on the internet.
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