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Thanks all that worked so hard, everything was first class and very well planned!
I think most every bar in Montana is for sale!
Amen Oddjob, well spoken!
"Plastics!" From The Graduate. Also, "we're gonna need a bigger boat"
I heard the news over the speaker 4th period Mr Hartse's band class. Best bands ever during the Hartse era!
I find the original post somewhat hard to believe.
And where exactly is the "Bad TALK" coming from? Let me guess, Main Street Quarterbacks that don't understand squat? Or just bar talk.
Was it the Fair or The Bucking Horse Sale?
Thanks to all who worked so hard on the All 60's runion. What a good time we all had. Super music, yummy food, but most of all great friends for life. How fortunate we were to have grown up in Miles C + 8 more characters
According to Montana Lottery, a $200,000. winning Powerball ticket purchased at the Miles City M & H on March 13th is still unclaimed. Check your tickets folks!
You will most likely get a plethora of recipes, and most will be good. However here are a couple of tips for I have found to be helpfull over the years. Peel off the membrane that covers the entire ba + 451 more characters
Four of us had lunch there Bucking Horse weekend, food was very good, except the Clam Chowder, (was mostly water). The employees where all very friendly. All and all, a nice asset to your town.
I wanted gas, wife wanted electric creamic top, wife won, (as usual) range is 6 years old, and looks brand new. I love it. Easy to clean, (we use Sears Range top cleaner). I would never deal with gas + 123 more characters
This specific study by Dr Poulzin and the University only addressed video gambling.
Here are facts: From a recent study by The University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economics, headed by Dr Paul Polzin 78% of Montanans gamble, including video,lotto,bingo,keno,etc. They are even + 420 more characters
The Lacers: Doug Boyle Lead guitar, lead vocal Mike gabel Rhythm guitar,back up vocal Larry Kuchynka,Bass guitar,back up vocal (way back) :O) Bruce Wilson Drums (Could not carry a tune in a bushel bas + 4 more characters
A real class post Mr. Netherton, and predictable also! Go Griz!
Nice win today Coach Hauck, pretty good season too!!
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