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RE: Snow 7 years ago
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Christinelynn, You should heed Wheeldealer's advice and get a job, even though you seem to have one. He sounds like the wise, level headed go-getter that a person should take advice from. Sure, he do + 265 more characters
It has become quite obvious that the people of this town will allow whomever has the most homespun solution to our problems will win. Butch Grenz???? Really???? Pray for Miles City. As long as the pro + 114 more characters
George Kuper?
You are probably better off eating off of the floor than eating in a restaurant with a fly problem. Don't take my word for it though. url
Yup, you stay classy Miles City.
Hilarious, People making a big deal out of this. Have you seen the rest of Miles City? Just accept that you live in a dusty, old cow town and that no matter how much you try, you can't polish a turd. + 220 more characters
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