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"or even just irritate me for some reason" "then just pipe up." Yep, that adult behavior also. If you must delete a post, do it. After all its your site. But you come across as some kinda jerk that + 528 more characters
So the MJ has been prescribed to you by a doctor?
I didn't pay real close attention to the election results? What elected position did Eric end up with???
If a cop can't issue a ticket for bad driving in a parking lot, can they then give a dui in a parking lot?
Yes olivia, I asked if someone was black. Oh my god, must be a civil rights violation!!!
So is JLT black or what? I still wanna know why she failed the Alabama test.
Oh, so now we know JLT isn't a cracker. That would help to explain the Alabama voting problems.
"99% of those of us who took the test that day failed'" JLT, who was "those of us". I was curious how you knew that 99% of the people that took it failed it? I don't know you, and I assume you are wh + 115 more characters
Why are so many people floating on tubes and getting eaten by the fishes in an attempt to get away from Cuba? Why are the cuban gunboats shooting at thier own people? Fidel must run one top notch coun + 5 more characters
Then he woke up and realized it was all just a bad dream! His std was curable in this day and age. Better yet, his health insurance would cover almost the whole doctor bill. He was grateful that he wa + 302 more characters
The Hot Springs west of Havre is nasty, not a reason to move to Havre. Also, there are lots of indians and if you've ever lived on or near a reservation, you know about some of the great things that c + 69 more characters
Short glass of very cold Kahlua, straight from the freezer. And a Kahlua cigar. That's whats on my mind.
Olivia, Why did you have to edit your post two times?
Yep, you are the idiot.
Nope, but that is not the issue at hand. What in the hell are you talking about, I didn't write anything about fruits and vegetables. Are you an idiot?
I missed something. What joke is offensive?
I heard he licked a poisonous toad and it killed him.
I heard he caught the bird flu and died.
I heard he choked to death on a turkey bone.
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