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I have had issues too. And I have went to the PO and they just shrugged it off. So, yeah... It is happening through out town.
There have been many this summer. This is a great way so you (the sale people) dont have to transport it to the 2nd hand store too!
I have two that would love to. Girl 9 and boy 11!
Just wanted to say that my daughter loved it this year! This year it was her fave with Mrs. Hanna. She has requested Mrs. Hanna for next year!
Message me your number and I can get ahold of you for an order.
I would love to donate. Do you have a drop off address? I would love to clean out while the kids are at school. Message me if needed.
Are you looking a for a center or are you willing for an LUP?
I am looking for a non metal laster cutter. I am wanting to try and cut record. I haven't done this before... I want to try and see if it will work right for what I am waning before I think to shell o + 176 more characters
I have a 6 hp bottom crank motor. Work great, came out if a pressure washer that had a blown pump. Taking offers
I have been taking pics for this site for almost a year. When my oldest was starting to learn to read that is where we went! There are so many different spellings, names and sounds out there, it was g + 155 more characters
Will there be one this year? I know that there has been one in the past, but my family needs to plan to get us all together! Would there be someone commiting to a booth this year?
Message me and I can get you some! My daughter has a bunch of extras!!
Ranch1. would this be in our area?
But like you stated befor. It does look better then the south side. SO there is a damned if you do and a damned if you dont. You kno that they are doing something that they shouldn't, but it does help + 346 more characters
Joe, me and my husband have see that too! One end of the trail, starting at the river states nothing abut not cars. On the other side, where this person has fencing states no cars, and stay out! But r + 109 more characters
There have been times that we were skipped. They just have to train new people once in a while! It happens, just call and it will get done.
Agree Amorette! I have called a few time on buying or looking into buying that building... He has always wanted way to much for it!
Dec 7th is what the Chamber told me
Any one know about the little kids christmas store?
I wouldn't take that crappy apology! If he has been like this with MORE THEN ONE person.... And he stated that he doesn't do well with the public... THEN DONT WORK WITH THE PUBLIC! Easy as that. These + 208 more characters
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