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Honestly I check milescity.Com almost daily. I check the classifieds, as it's a great alternative to Facebooks classifieds. The site can be really helpful to those who are missing lost pets or looking + 217 more characters
If you don't want people hearing "exactly what you say" you shouldn't speak. Isn't the point of speech so people can hear "exactly what you say"? Maybe he should use all that publicity to say somethin + 77 more characters
I think it is fair to say that both candidates are horrible choices who will do harm to our country doing what they think is "right". Arguing over which one is better is like arguing over drowning or + 67 more characters
url Yes they were children. Who illegally crossed the border, they did not have American citizenship nor did they have a visa. They were here illegally. The "riot" you speak of was a shouting match b + 41 more characters
Most legal Mexican Americans that I have met, dislike the illegal immigrants because they went through the proper channels, where as illegals did not. A few years ago Arizona I think it was bussed a w + 257 more characters
It is true that California is typically a blue state, but there is a strong republican streak. I think you will be surprised by how many people will vote for the lesser of two evils and go trump.
Well I'd say California and Florida are both good bets for Trump. Florida flip flops, and in the time I spent in California I did not hear many positive things about Clinton.
Sadly, Trump will more than likely get elected. I truly believe the only person worse than trump for president would be Hilary. Good job democrats, giving the GOP another slice of victory pie.
The mental images I get when reading this are really quite amusing, on the one hand, we have a small utopia, of small businesses and equality in religion, economics, and most other important aspects o + 916 more characters
I actualy think I lost a few iq points reading this post..
So, my assumpttion based on the vast amount of students pregnant in the graduating class year.. I believe it was 10%, may have been wrong.. Yet the fact still remains.
"Jesus, can you ressurect my virginity? I need the purity before you use them holy hands of God" oh my! That's blasphemous:b
As I younger person I can't help but be reminded the conversion to vhs. People were sketchy about the change at first and tried to hold onto the vast amounts of tapes they had available. But as time w + 369 more characters
A lady came into my work today looking for her two dogs that ran away about two hours ago. She is from out of town and could use the help. One is a lab collie mix that is black and white. The other is + 84 more characters
Skye. . . . I think everyone knows that little phrase about the founding of our country. You sir, are dumb.
Going along with the belief carried by a select group of republicans.. Should the tea party in itself be considered illegal? the name stands for an act that can be homosexual.
My personal feeling on this question is that if you pray to get better and then go to the hospital, don't thank god thank the doctor. If you didn't go to the doctor thank your immune system. The point + 469 more characters
Kacey, you are right, ANYONE can quit smoking when they want. It's one of the hardest addictions to quit. I'm sure when they put that cigarette out, they didn't intend to burn their house down. Cigare + 260 more characters
HAHA I saw that earlier! It's originally from "The Godless Liberal Social Society."
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