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Pleasantly surprised again. $2.89 Ethanol blend this morning here in Des Moines.
"Deputy politely declines assistance at this time." Doesn't have the same ring to it?
The whole ethanol thing here is outta control.
Holy cow... 2.95 here!
I'd sift through this - see if it doesn't help narrow down options. url
I'm still puzzled by the comparison to Riggs being out of business therefor a Dollar store is needed? Last I worked and shopped at Riggs "low-cost" wasn't really a description I would have used.
Hey, Sam, that's awesome! I'm glad this made a connection. Maybe I can send you a note through MC.com mail here and you could forward it to him?
Wayde, thank you! Yup, that sounds just right - and thanks for helping me lock in my memory on that. Shame it's a "common" name in the sense that crossing paths on Facebook could be hard to do even if + 296 more characters
I think it might also be the same field of study for the Marleybone (English) variant of the subspecies Romanticus-post-punkimus Adam-ite. You can spot them in a crowd because of their colorful and fl + 71 more characters
Never heard of it. However, Dave's suggestion would be a misheard variation I would think might be the case? Intestinal, digestive doctor?
Thanks all for the brainstorming - I appreciate it. However, no-go. Howevvvvver... I'm having a bit of a memory jog after all this. Does a Mr. Adams sound familiar? John, Steve?
Hi David, nope, not Bill Hawke. I rarely actually interfaced with him since most of us carriers were just adopted by the previous carrier, shown the ropes, then set off on our own. However, the gist o + 681 more characters
I'm trying to recall the name of the very nice gentleman that would have been the man in charge of us paper carriers waaaaaay back in the early 80's. Old 6th Street offices.
Tangent... I remember the first time I gassed up upon moving to Oregon. I got out of the car, reached for the pump, looked around for the debit/credit card slot but then saw the startled look on the + 312 more characters
$3.01 midgrade at my regular QuikTrip this morning.
I agree, thanks! Man, that bridge - what memories!
I contributed trite too! There's always room for a movie quote from "Aliens" when the dogpatch-pitchforks come out.
Just nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
I'm honestly not having a go at Rob, so pardon the indelicate phrasing of this, however... Everyone involved is absolutely sure Rob's signing off on "permission" to go onto his property, remove his st + 320 more characters
I agree. I've appreciated Pedal Power since they opened - and Miles was every bit the reason for that appreciation. I remember, back in the late 80's, early 90's, I could only afford a Huffy. I loved + 945 more characters
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