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I appreciate your comments, Tucker. Let's just say I am a non-traditional season of the year celebrant with lots of years of church incense up my nose when singing Christmas anthems. OK with both, not + 40 more characters
Tucker, When you find yourself in a tattered suit, the cold and dark sifting into your bones and darkening your spirit, perhaps you can change the threads and see you aren't alone in this monumental m + 384 more characters
I will see if anyone has seen or heard from him as well. Does he have any areas, towns, states, places where he spends a fair amount of time?
Good point, Amorette. Montana missed by one mistaken vote from what I read. Sad situation for too many people who could use medical care and don't seek it.
The Miles City Star will be great when the entire paper goes online for no cost to viewers and the newsfeed is local and up to date. It also will be great when it serves as a source for local real tim + 113 more characters
There is no excuse for the continuation of unspeakable discrimination. Shared and tweeted. If we do not support voting rights and voter registration for all, we are pitiful remnants of a model that Fi + 94 more characters
Asheville Drum Circle, community participation is a plus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDZp68zjfTc
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD7SzeYT5W8 Robert Mirabal Drum Battle...a hint of why to have drum circles. No keggers, no dope, no other drugs needed. Drums are earth's heart.
Pulling the weed is really hard as it is stubborn. Dicamba, while low in toxicity, is not benign. url
Roundup, as we have sadly learned, is darned damaging to one's insides. Too bad you can't steam roll the area annually with hot water and vinegar. Seeds endure, as someone mentioned, for 7 years.
Nasty to walk on, horrible on tires. However, it is one of the best herbs for supporting kidney function known to a number of traditional medicines. It also can provoke staggers in sheep so is not a p + 56 more characters
Pretty good imitation of a cactus, I'd say.
Is it possible for this event the sound could be turned on without the fears of liability as was the case with Bucking Horse?
Medical errors, distress and bitterness are greatly reduced when hard pressed staff have the time to truly interview and listen to a patient's experience of symptoms as well as asking broader question + 620 more characters
I think you either have to cut your hair or I have to grow mine fast.
So have I, along with other variations on it. Besides, I consider it a compliment if there's name confusion...you are a remarkable person.
Funny, Snickers. We just have that similarity...
I came upon this remarkable video this morning on TED through Upworthy. If you love music and want to see how "disability" is nothing of the sort, please enjoy this. http://www.upworthy.com/a-guy-gets + 76 more characters
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