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Are there any poker games left in MC? Trails? Olive? Thanks in advance.
Nice to see the Dos Equis guy made the cut for the first photograph!
I saw an article in Field & Stram one time that involved a gallon jar, a pint jar and a pen light but not sure about the details. They also make crayfish traps too. I am not sure where around Miles Ci + 123 more characters
At this point I have to be a Habs fan... gotta love seeing an 8 seed roll through the playoffs
Gear up for another one in about twenty minutes... Boston Bruins? Epic Fail?
Smiley, isn't American great... I thought the exact same thing.
I feel you pain. I have many skulls and shed antlers set out in front of my house. No matter how large or small I cannot stand NOT picking up a skull or shed. I did have the misfortune of living acros + 496 more characters
Fiji.. Vijay Singh... Vijy from Fiji.
Why start this website? It already exists... it's called
I can't wait to see green paint all over those shiny new helmets on Nov. 13th.
We have gun laws? Next thing you know you will have to be 21 to drink and drinking and driving will be illegal.
I wish it would have been a Toyota...
Well, there goes all the good hunting along the Tongue River... oh wait, you can't get on 99% of it anyways.
A must see. Don't forget Fort Peck. They have played here the last two summers and I imagine they will play here again. Easily the top 5 live concerts I have ever seen.
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