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Earl has done two of my tattoos! I am very pleased with them and will continue going to him with any future work I would like done!
That is Hilarious!!!
I know me and my brother would be interested to go!!! We like never have time to go to the Centra but when we they do they are closed!!
RE: Fair 12 years ago
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And the best thing about fair is that coin game thing haha
Does anybody know why the National Gaurd alarm was going off like five minutes ago?
Anybody know whats gonna go inside the old Subway then?
Could some one talk to like the Mayor of Miles City at a City meeting or something about this idea!!!
I think Miles City should get a place where teenagers could hang out just to get away from everything!!! A place that would have like a dance every friday and saturday night for those who like to danc + 74 more characters
that is a good one lol
Saints will dominate
I think a craft and fabric store would we awesome.
Each student has to raise that much but we do fundraisers as a group>
Hello, my name is Steven Dey and I am a junior from the CCDHS Symphonic Band. I play the trumpet for the band and pep band. I'm in two different ensembles. I'm in Varsity Jazz and for that I play the + 707 more characters
The comments that Anna made in the top of the post was not her. It was me and i was at her house on her account and she didn't know i wrote anything on her with her account. Thanks, Steven P.S. Im her + 9 more characters
do u know who ezara's aunt is?
urijah is right!!!!
Come on guys, somebody just was murdered! Why are we all fighting and arguing with each other? This isn't our time to feel bad for ourselves. It's time to help the family that this happened to, to get + 25 more characters
You could maybe hold it at the shelter thing at riverside park if the weather is nice
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