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Cheryl, thank you so much. I did see you on Flickr as well and I think you do a fantastic job yourself! You should have seen I am following your art in Flickr as well. Again, thank you very much for + 81 more characters
Yes, Lewes and Bethany Beach, DE. Great place for relaxation, sun and photo opportunity.
I have been on Flickr for a while now, I love the platform as well as the feedback from so many great photographers! Check out my page: url I have done a few pictures around Miles City as well as a fe + 43 more characters
Here is the link:
I thought something should be said about Caleb Frare getting drafted to the New York Yankees, I don't have a copy of the link for it but it was on the KTVQ website at the bottom of the article regardi + 108 more characters
Questoin: How long has the Milligan Hotel been out of use? Could it ever be resored, if someone had the money, to be a decent hotel again? Just curious, but what shape is the upstairs in?
Buck I really have nothing to be pissed about, honestly, I really don't care. is not an important factor in my life, nor are you. Bob L., I haven't decided what to do yet for vacation, I might + 589 more characters
Hey I get it, I think he is very funny, I have my own sense of humor, he doesn't seem to find it funny. If he does than him and me aren't that different, maybe you just don't get me. Look at my other + 258 more characters
The best part is if you agree with Buck, it further proves my point and this statement also refers to you. Forty percent of people will always agree with your dumb ass. Fact is, you do a good enough j + 847 more characters
Forty percent of people will always agree with your dumb ass. Fact is, you do a good enough job proving you're an ignorant, humorless idiot. Do I judge? Sure. Do I love to say, "Judge not lest ye be j + 792 more characters
Wow Buck, is this thread just so interesting for you that for every post you have to copy and paste someone elses post just to what..... prove some a**hole point that your trying to prove. What is tha + 825 more characters
Thanks Hal, that is another neat piece of Miles City I did not know about.
Is there any remnant or land mark of sorts as to where that MDU smoke stack sat?? That is something I have never seen except in the old pictures and I was curious as to how large it was, height and di + 39 more characters
The real funny thing is, all the bickering back and forth, if they're guilty, if they're innocent, is being played up and people worked up like these two are the only two in Mile City to have ever bee + 567 more characters
Amen Brian, Amen. Couldn't have been better said, that made my day. That truely is some funny stuff, and so perfectly stated.
Sorry Brian, I forgot to express my sincere sarcasm in that post. I thought you of all would find it rather funny. Give it time and the Wallymart in Laurel could have the potential of disgusts its nei + 204 more characters
Hey. There's been some pretty bloody battles at Wal*Mart the day after Thanksgiving. It doesn't even have to be Thanksgiving for shootouts like in Billings. All you have to do is go on break. With tha + 424 more characters
It really is a shame that nothing is sacred anymore, except Sam Walton. I have been fortunate enough to have visited some battlefields in Virginia and to think of the dynamics of what happened at thos + 750 more characters
Josh- This is what I wrote: "It could be good or it could be a waste, its a toss up." Meaning that it cannot be half-assed, whatever is done it needs to be done well, or else it would be a waste, of + 157 more characters
Josh your missing my point, I know what Venture theatre does and all of the other places, I lived in Billings, I didn't say it was a bad idea, I said look at your scale. There is more opportunity for + 446 more characters
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