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Thank you for your explanation, I appreciate people who explain things in a polite and knowledgeable way.Sounds to be an extremely difficult situation. I have just noticed that several of the shooting + 560 more characters
As someone who is not very versed in the gun law debate I just have a question. I am asking for logical responses, I wish to be educated not bashed. I read an article yesterday about congressman Gabby + 532 more characters
Did anyone in Southgate get the star tonight? Wondering if I was just missed.
No chubby you have some good points and so does Hannah. As usual there is no black and white answer just shades of grey. I think we can agree that there are SOME people that are milking the system for + 174 more characters
See found puppy ad
Thank you so much. Will try to fix it. So great to have access to computer experts when I'm so useless. Thanks again.
Kindle works fine. I pad works fine. Son's computer works fine. My laptop will hook to our wireless (brand new linksys) internet and then after a few minutes will get message 'not connected to a netwo + 229 more characters
At approx 3:20 today a boy riding one of those small scooters crossed between Boss and the Montana Made store heading west. He neither obeyed the crosswalk sign or even looked. A van crossing with a g + 321 more characters
Any times available for 5th and 6th grade sign ups?
I propose we elect someone that promises (or will be impeached) to ban phone telemarketers. And yes I have the useless Do Not Call. A promise like that may just get someone elected with our political + 12 more characters
" That dress has not yet been purchased "
To those who took the life jackets from Spotted Eagle please read the front page of tonight's Miles City Star. Let your conscience be your guide. My condolences to the family of the young boy.
Septy Two I do not need the police to save me or my stuff. What I do need are 4 barriers to block off a portion of the street (people can still go around the block) to prevent idiots who think it is f + 1343 more characters
So Amorette as you have seen this underpass fiasco happen your whole life perhaps you can explain why the underpass is the police and city's first priority. Having personally called dispatch during th + 699 more characters
That is fine, call friends, call the mayor, call your congressman as long as we who are also flooding can get some police and city help.
OK so how about this scenario. If you are stupid enough to drive through the underpass when it is flooding and get stuck police dispatch would tell you their resources are being used in other areas of + 92 more characters
Would it be at all possible to install something like 'railroad gates' attached to the stone pillars of the underpass that could be activated during a storm to block access? It would be nice to not he + 190 more characters
But it is not 30 years ago. Can we get a response from the baseball association?
The internet must make life there in Alaska a lot nicer. With Amazon Prime not only can you order things you need but can watch videos and tv shows when you've not enjoying that wonderful wilderness. + 93 more characters
Do all your groceries have to be shipped in or is it cheaper to do it that way? Obviously you cannot ship milk, eggs, butter from Seattle so I imagine they are pretty costly locally. Lucky that you ca + 174 more characters
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