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And then, when they run you over in a crosswalk while they're texting and driving, you're S.O.L., but at least the driver's rent is paid. Auto insurance isn't $3,000/yr. for liability, unless you're + 122 more characters
Jeff, Are you indicating that it should be OK for people to be driving without insurance, if they are "poor?" While the proposed legislation is ridiculous, it is less ridiculous than the notion that + 168 more characters
Why can't you use your "rational thinking" to piece together that I am simply pointing out that A PASSERBY WHO SAW THIS UNFOLD COULD HAVE LEGALLY SHOT THE KID. Read the statute I quoted. Look at the s + 370 more characters
"Instead of shooting and not knowing all the circumstances (I this case it would have been a terrible mistake), why not call the police and then follow the van. When the police get there, get the hell + 2088 more characters
What is the say that I am not or was not law enforcement? Did you people NOT read the statute I posted? It would CLEARLY be a legally justified use of force - not just for a cop - but for any citizen, + 402 more characters
"(AT)Former: Your idea of taking the law into your own hands by opening fire on a fleeing vehicle near a public park, an elementary school, and a busy intersection is as dangerously stupid as the pran + 1051 more characters
And Amorette, I don't think the person would even have to be "trigger happy," just someone who knows the law (which is very clear in this instance) deliberately and intentionally shooting the kid. Per + 361 more characters
If you shoot the victim? I guess you take that risk, and there would be consequences if that happened I'd assume, although a good marksman from close range could put one through the drivers window wit + 654 more characters
Kidnapping is a forceable felony. Shooting the masked man is 100% justified under Montana Law, the way I read the following. 45-3-102. Use of force in defense of person. A person is justified in the u + 574 more characters
Howdy, that is my thought. If I had been carrying and watched this play out, no doubt I would have shot the driver if I were able to get a shot off. It would have been a justified use of force, but a + 68 more characters
I wouldn't care either. Google happens to pull up some disgruntled lady making wild claims about the new tat artist in MC. Turns out those claims were wildly embellished. Meh. I don't care whether or + 168 more characters
Out trolling the internet today, are we? Something tells me that Butch is doing more the community than you are, generally speaking. (responding to the glorious first post in this thread)
And, alhajmh2, you're completely out of touch with reality. The world doesn't revolve around you or your precious children. If I want to have devil horns permanently mounted to my skull, that is my b + 136 more characters
And it was just for accountability. Not a big deal I guess. Probably not even worth posting. 2059945 KLUNDER, Courtney James Disposition: Parole upon completion of pre-release w/CDC, random UA's, no + 159 more characters
The conviction is pretty old. url Although he is out of compliance.
Same guy? url
If the joke were the redhead asking her blond mother why she's a redhead, and mom is just glad that she doesn't bark... is that an affront on redheads? "Clearly, someone who would sleep with a redhea + 287 more characters
Ok, ok, I admit defeat. That is reading waaaay more into the so called "joke" than I did. For what its worth.
(Woops! Post deleted.)
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