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Thank you, Hannah. That was a wonderful list of activities. For small children The best tool is imagination and exercise and movement Snow angels are fun for toddlers. Old pots and pans are fun for pa + 579 more characters
Duh, yourself. I believe Oddjob has the "snipe" market cornered. I for one feel sad for the non- leftist who can't enjoy a pun or two.
Wow! Are you going to enter?
That was nice, Richard. Your mother gave great gifts to the world with her smart, talented children. I know Gunnar enjoyed his birthday by watching David Sedaris.
Rob, I don't know you, but I knew your mother, Mary. a great lady. I'm sad for you and your difficulties. I do know Tucker and I know he wrote out of concern. I wish you can find some peace.
Franken-Jobie , you scare me. Karen thanks for all the fun you give us.
That said, the above is true if you want to be entertained. There's plenty to do and enjoy. Good churches offer activities. Miles Community College offer activities in the evening. If it is cold, unle + 385 more characters
Tis indeed, beautiful.
Think what it is costing the community with the related problems to the increase of substance abuse such as domestic violence and child abuse and negligence. School will be opening soon. I remember ye + 129 more characters
After watching the GOP debate, I decided that Trump is secretly supporting Hillary by decimating the Republican party with his ego boosting antics, or he will eventually implode by going as far as he + 4 more characters
Tucker B., Elsie Fox would be so proud of you. "Power to the people."
Amorette as usual is correct with her facts. I remember the incidence vividly as it was published in the Miles City Star. Often what you think is liberal propaganda, Oddjob are factual. I was born dur + 238 more characters
your post is very helpful in reminding people, it takes so little to pick up your trash and keep the place looking nice. I went for a walk around at Spotted Eagle last Saturday and I was thrilled to s + 250 more characters
Good information, Don. That's a very debilitating disease and takes A long time for recovery.
I would worry about my child walking across the tracks. I have seen over passes over high speed highways and train tracks across the country. I t should be considered by the mayor and council it seems + 315 more characters
I haven't seen any action at the nest since July 5th. I feel bereft I think we 've have an empty nest again. It was great while it lasted.I guess it's time.
I think the issue is money and who has it. After the fire a few years back, Miles City did a fantastic job of rebuilding and refurbishing the buildings that give it the old West ambiance. The Star and + 685 more characters
I enjoyed seeing the fireworks from the the eagles' nest site. The lone youngster did not seem happy with the lights of the rockets from his/her perch. on the 5th at 9:40. There doesn't seem to be any + 23 more characters
Happy 5th to you and Jobie!
Odd job , for once was oddly right about the Democrats from the South for the pro- slavery and Jim Crow. How-ever they walked out of the Democrat party's convention When Harry Truman was nominated to + 175 more characters
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