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Miles City Fire Rescue with members of CCRVFD conducted a live fire training drill at 704 South Stacy. The house was donated by John and Raelee Hollowell. For the past two months MCFR has been using t + 263 more characters
Come out for a good night of basketball!!
Thanks to the generous support of the community we have some very good auction items. I will post a list next week for those interest.
It goes to a very worthy cause!
122nd Annual Miles City Firefighters Christmas Toy Dance and Auction Saturday December 10th, 2011 7:30pm to 12:30am Eagles Lodge Music by: Whiskey River Auctioneer: Matt Smith Tickets available from + 236 more characters
So I have been trying to find out, but what is Candidate Grenz's platform for running? Also what is Mayor Whalen's platform?
Thank you. We truly enjoyed having everyone come and tour the station. It is so much fun watching the kids' faces (and the adults) as they spray water from the engine. The weather was perfect for the + 72 more characters
Thank you for everyone who came to our open house! It was a great turnout and I know we all had a great time! Thank you all again for the support! "Never Forget"
Thanks! We are looking forward to a good day.
On the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, Miles City Fire and Rescue will hold an open house, Sunday, September 11, 2011 from 12:00 to 4:00pm for anyone who would like to stop and visit their local Emergency S + 227 more characters
So did they open up the dike road from Wells to Tatro today? I saw several vehicles driving the dike and using the access to the river. And no they were not city, county or FWP vehicles. Just wonderin + 2 more characters
About as good as DQ. New hours say they are open until 10 pm, got there at 9:40, lights still on and went to the front door, it was locked and then I went to the drive thru they wouldn't answer the in + 7 more characters
Thank you guys so much for the help and advice!
For everyone that kept asking and wondering here is the link to our newest website. The webmaster did an amazing job and is adding more everyday. http://milescityfirerescue.org/
But lets get down to the two brains that we all want to know about!!!
Then this one should be funny as well :-)
I've heard it a couple of times around 11:30-midnight and it sounds like it is coming from up on the hill.
What a great game of football!!! MCPD 13- MCFR 7 Overall record stands at 3-3 Thank you to everyone who came to make this the best turn out since the game began!!!
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