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Fixed it for you.
This is a rumor, a rumor that happens to be false.
Best thing to do is download Google Chrome or Firefox and forget that IE even exists. I usually use firefox but only because it's been around longer and a hard habit to break.
I didn't find anything educational about it at all, just agendas being pushed. Couldn't they have just given the definition?
Whatever happened with this matter?
Landen I'm not sure why you started another thread on things to do here in MC looks like you've found a pretty good past time. Feeding the trolls of I love how Amorette states how she is accep + 150 more characters
I almost forgot you could check out the local 4H clubs.
Well you could go riding in the Honda trails... wait that got closed down. You could go tubing or water skiing at spotted eagle... wait that got closed down. You could go riding at the spotted eagle r + 1338 more characters
The way I see it we were lucky enough that someone of her caliber stuck around as long as she did. I wonder if enrollment results have anything to do with the same problems Dickinson has had. As a you + 84 more characters
I found the comments from Kikser and grrizzly far more informative than that article. It had a serious lack of facts and a lot of assumptions and conspiracy theories. I suppose it was right at home he + 20 more characters
There is a fishing seminar on fishing the Yellowstone tomorrow in Rosebud, I'm not sure what time. But the guy putting it on is in the Walleye Hall of Fame and has fished this river for a long time. Y + 250 more characters
Nope pretty sure I understand that, however a public recreation area shouldn't undergo substantial changes in use without the public's opinion. Like for instance when it was changed to no vehicle's th + 296 more characters
So I just checked the Honda Trails, err the "Wilderness Area". I must say that it is unacceptable. The fence now runs along side the road along almost the whole rode except a few hundred feet on the r + 958 more characters
The fencing of the Honda trails started a long time ago when the Honda Trails were still used for Honda's. I remember riding in the Honda Trails when the fencing first started probably somewhere aroun + 462 more characters
Someone should call Obama. I here he's good with a rifle, err shotgun.
Never been on a military base, so I may not comprehend correctly, but what's the point of packing around an empty weapon? An empty pistol is nothing more than an poorly aerodynamic rock. Completely us + 894 more characters
There was an armed guard at the Columbine shooting in Colorado and precious little good it did..also at the army base there were many folks with guns and experience which also did little good...just d + 2287 more characters
That is not hearsay, what makes the difference on whether or not an officer can make a stop alone on that persons eye witness account is if that person is willing to sign a statement and testify to + 1872 more characters
These types of incidents happen all the time. Off duty cops and concealed carrying citizens stopping deadly criminals. url Had the Aurora shooting been stopped right after it started most people woul + 104 more characters
Yeah not the point. The author is willing to say "suspected" even though it is a true statement that James Holmes shot and killed people in a theater in Aurora, CO. Then goes on to say that James Holm + 331 more characters
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