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Sorry buck my mistake
Well excuse me for trying to let people know that they don't have to panic. If you're afraid of snakes that fine lots of people are. Lots of people own snakes as pets too. I don't think that makes the + 72 more characters
A five foot python is not going to eat your children or your cats and dogs people. Clam down!!!!! I own a ball python (mine is currently climbing around in his cage ) He won't even eat a rat much les + 679 more characters
Anyone here go shopping at Walmart on the west end of Billings at 5:00 on x-mas eve? I think everyone here should do it just once and then the Walmart here won't seem so bad. The MC Walmart has it's p + 37 more characters
I think that gay people should be allowed to have civil unions. Let the churches decide weather or not they want them to marry in their churches. Banning gays from marriage is prejudices. It's kind of + 151 more characters
One of the wonderful things about the internet is you don't have to be who you really are. I currently have a profile on myspace where I pretend to be Elmo
I agree with you Bruce. If people would try to help their neighbors instead of complain it would make a huge difference. Two summers ago I had a complicated pregnancy and couldn't do much. My husband + 687 more characters
How does this law apply to renters. The house I recently moved into has a junked car sitting in my yard from the previous tenant. I don't hold the title and I have no idea how to contact the owner. Th + 105 more characters
It doesn't seem like there is any justice in America anymore. There are people out there who just made a mistake and are good people who get maximum sentences. Then there are genuinely bad people who + 368 more characters
Play Group 15 years ago
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I was wondering if anyone knows of a play group in town for small children during the day. We just moved to town and my girls are going crazy not having other kids to play with.
I know I haven't lived in Miles City long, and I don't know any of these people, but I do have to say this because it's scary being here and seeing this daily. Kids in this town don't look before they + 482 more characters
See I have a hard time believing in these studies. I was spanked as a child, and just about everyone I know was spanked. I have a hard time believing that it causes all of these problems in adulthood, + 271 more characters
I was just wondering what you all thought of this new research on spanking. Researchers have uncovered another damaging consequence of spanking: risky sexual behaviors, or even sexual deviancy, when + 3545 more characters
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