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Can anyone tell me when the Farmers Market starts up? or Who I can get a hold of to find out? Thank you
Can anyone tell me when the Christmas Stroll in MC is taking place?
RE: a baby 10 years ago
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Awe!!!! So very Cute!
That.....was Awesome!!!!!
Did you ever happen to think that it may not be "this" Wal-Mart entirely??? How about Vendor Outs??? Or Warehouse Outs?? MC WalMart is currently working very hard to get the Baby Section restocked.... + 89 more characters
There are quite a few Packer Fans in MC. As a matter of fact....Dang near my whole family are Cheese heads!
Thanks Larry!!!!
HRHC story......My Husband was misdiagnosed at HRHC.....lets go back a bit....Jim...(my husband) was a very strong, hard working man all his life...it started slowly, but he started complaining about + 3466 more characters
Oh my Hell!!!!
Oh....and BTW.....when I started Working at Wal-Mart almost 5 years ago....My starting wage was slightly higher than the journeymans wage I was making at Albertsons!!! I make a darn great wage for Mil + 255 more characters
ok.....I just have to chime in here! YES.....Wal-Mart is having hiring issues. There are also issues with associates who get hired because they want a job and then they call in 2 to 3 days of the 5 th + 1310 more characters
The Highland Series, by Hannah Howell!
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