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Can anyone tell me when the Farmers Market starts up? or Who I can get a hold of to find out? Thank you
Can anyone tell me when the Christmas Stroll in MC is taking place?
Awe!!!! So very Cute!
That.....was Awesome!!!!!
Did you ever happen to think that it may not be "this" Wal-Mart entirely??? How about Vendor Outs??? Or Warehouse Outs?? MC WalMart is currently working very hard to get the Baby Section restocked.... + 89 more characters
There are quite a few Packer Fans in MC. As a matter of fact....Dang near my whole family are Cheese heads!
Thanks Larry!!!!
HRHC story......My Husband was misdiagnosed at HRHC.....lets go back a bit....Jim...(my husband) was a very strong, hard working man all his life...it started slowly, but he started complaining about + 3466 more characters
Oh my Hell!!!!
Oh....and BTW.....when I started Working at Wal-Mart almost 5 years ago....My starting wage was slightly higher than the journeymans wage I was making at Albertsons!!! I make a darn great wage for Mil + 255 more characters
ok.....I just have to chime in here! YES.....Wal-Mart is having hiring issues. There are also issues with associates who get hired because they want a job and then they call in 2 to 3 days of the 5 th + 1310 more characters
The Highland Series, by Hannah Howell!
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