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Thank you all for your ideas, input, and/or suggestions. For your information it was Freddie Prez. He quit the animatonic "sons" and is now holding lip syncing contests and does performances with robo + 159 more characters
Does anyone remember an act that used to perform at the fair involving a man singing classic songs with two robotic "sons" and two robotic dogs. I remember seeing him at the Montana fair too. I always + 60 more characters
Good enough odds to play in Vegas. That is, if you're a bettin man. Or woman?
What is the point of doing just enough to survive and get through life? Senior bash may fall into the tiniest spectrum of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, but its events like these that make life worth li + 1293 more characters
Hey Nate28, Didn't you use to be #21? Well, I guess Nate21 doesn't have the same ring to it.
Point taken. Joke ruined. Thanks
The name isn't so bad. It was either that or the tamPod.
Hey Kanye, how could you be so heartless?
"That's gunna leave a mark." -Tommy Boy
[after putting dog poop in a paper bag and lighting it on fire on Old Man Clemens' porch] Billy Madison: Oh my God, Old Man Clemens hates s***. Frank: Shh, here he comes. Old Man Clemens: Who the hell + 679 more characters
MC-35 BC-6
Saw that coming... Good one!
Jerry Seinfeld: "What's the deal with Glendive? I mean, they really suck!..."
What are the other four undefeated teams in Class A football?
Here I come to save the daaay! It is true that the website is incorrect. I don't even believe the scores are correct. Unfortunately, I don't know why they aren't right. I can tell you though that the + 276 more characters
David, Here, so you don't have to look up any other school's enrollment. url url's that easy.
David, Taking the time to look up the enrollment of both schools makes me wonder why you didn't just take the time to see whether the Cowboys play Dickinson's JV or V in the first place. Besides, 300 + 44 more characters
David, Why would the Cowboys play Dickinson's junior varsity? Of course they played and beat Dickinson's varsity.
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