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See, i get this email from a friend in Great Falls who tells me that my name is mentioned in the newest issue of Montana Magazine. Something about the BookStore and Open Mic night.(Gulp) I'm thinking + 843 more characters
i still think it was mr. plummer in the drawing room with the candlestick
If i recall correctly, ray and terri schmidt purchased the land and building. Or maybe it was the reids. But i am not sure what they are putting in. They would probably be the people in the know.
actually i just witnessed one of the splash areas in a city park in Missoula. What a neat idea. The kids were having a blast (and so were the adults and teens) and it appeared to accomodate all ages. + 540 more characters
boom - book
DEAP has decorated their front offices with purple baloons. Just wanted to acknowledge those places that we can't see from the outside. Go!!!!!DEAP!!!!!
slay - sway
jody, i have sent you an email directly with the information for relay luminaria. Thanks for your inquiry.
spar - scar
slug - slum
slop - slot (gosh Hal, i don't think they went for it. nice try though.)
tree - free to Hal... no problem. actually, i had to go searching for that one too. Phew! You can thank my dear mother and her crossword puzzle addiction.
hey, tucker, how i envy you right now being in cool (weather) territory. I think i forgot how 70's feel. You are missing the hot, hot and hot weather. Interesting to hear about your open mic experien + 320 more characters
grub - grue
clad - glad
so does the game end when one matches the first entry? flop - slop
clip -flip (geez-sorry guys, one of those mornings. ugh)
clip -flip
clip -flip
shod - shoe
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