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Putin of Russia This could be d day the day they due a full invasion? Please let me know what you think please look into this ? Vary interesting
90% mail in ballots was for Biden thats absolutely fraud Love you TRUMP GO TRUMP WE STAND WITH YOU
Hero Trump stands up for montana the peoples right to vote the way they want to vote any way they wanna vote the truth the truth the truth [Edited by Thankyousomuch111 (10/16/2020 12:50:27 PM)]
Its are right to vote everyway go trump we love you more love trump then you think he will win not the fake news trump wins this year hands down
Greatest economy during a pandemic in history
Greatest economy during a pandemic in history thank you trump this is a fantastic president I stand with Trump vote Trump !!
Fox news is the truth if you been watching any other news channel its been lies demacrats will say and do anything and there pockets are deep drain the swamp We cant blame trump for the virus! And th + 93 more characters
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