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This is disturbing that anyone from Miles City has to drive to Billings for dialysis treatment. Is this the case in this day when I see TV ads here in Texas that some health providers will come to you + 98 more characters
So sorry to hear about the death of this incredible photographer. Worked with him and other greats at the Star while in high school and college in the 1960s. Learned so much from that crew.
I would like to see it continue, but felt my views were discounted by some vocal folks and one very active participant on the site. This last one even said I should not be commenting as I was not from + 407 more characters
I think the issue is that most smart DOJ AG's would have been more careful about meeting with a possible criminal participant in a future trial/investigation. She showed very poor judgement.
Never mind about my post earlier about When did the Alta Club burn? Will watch this thread! Have a great 2016, friends!
Have had several friends encourage me to look into continuing, also as a member, like Butch, of the Class of '66, and a pretty good cook. Restaurants (I had one here in Houston area) are lots of work + 424 more characters
Several of us attending the all 60's CCHS reunion came through this today. Sort of a delay, but all made it. Sorry for any death and was a very curious shutdown of freeway for such a long time. My hus + 170 more characters
Interesting that the district allows nepotism at the administrative level.
Oh, my. Think this discussion matches up with the vaccines ones. Grow up those of you who are 40 years old and younger!
Living near Houston, often run into either Miles Citians, or folks who also went to MSU. But the following was really surprising: Mr. Albrecht, then principal at CCHS, chose me as one of two Montana H + 898 more characters
This reminds us all of the importance of sharing our holiday memories with our friends and relatives. Letter writing and thank you notes seem to be a lost art. Also not a fan of mincemeat, but love h + 327 more characters
What concerns me is that there are no Casual Fridays! Most businesses allow that now! I am supposed to dress business casual all the time as an on-line professor working "remotely" from my home. Whe + 353 more characters
Actually, I think he is both. Most universities now have sophisticated software (like Turnitin) that assesses the papers and theses for this very issue. Even just 10-15 years ago and today, you coul + 412 more characters
Our 2010 Dodge fell apart (differential I think) on a dangerous stretch of highway in downtown Houston with no service lanes last Friday as we were on our way for vacation in Lousiana. Will keep it sh + 644 more characters
On one hand, sounds like a reasonable experiment, but then on the other hand, I am a chicken to even suggest!
Well, no where in the constitution does it state there should be a separation of government and religion. If that is what one wants, consider moving to India or Singapore, where such separation is man + 7 more characters
I am puzzled by what constitution you are referring to? Maybe you are referring to some of the aggressively out-of-sync, politically correct in your opinion rulings particularly of the lower courts. + 435 more characters
As one of the former yearbook editors at MSU (in the late 1960s) I hope they do have a remaining copy. At one point it was missing.
Why do you think, Rivenes is overlooked in the history of American luge? It is a pure shame because of his connection to so many athletic efforts in Miles City.
Remember when Dave Rivenes built the luge in Miles City. Other famous Miles Citians include the HS science teacher Mr. Hurlburt, who was an MSU student and had an actual MSU yearbook (I believe 1933) + 141 more characters
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