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There was a black dog at Town pump around 8am. have you check the dog pound.
go with your heart. you got it down to 2 phones. With iPhone 5s has a thumb or finger print reader and also if you had one all you contacts transfer over once you get in your account. I believe the ot + 403 more characters
I say 1 to 2 years is enough. here is why because if a ten days you will have to post 3 times a months if it is 30 days it is better and you need to do it 12 times a year. I believe if it sold then it + 301 more characters
check you can also call them and ask. hope this helps
I cant wait for my. my Reunion is 2021. 8 years to go for the first 10 years yea.
I have some gift card for that place. I don't want to see it go way too.
hey Derek I have done Judo before I will try to show up sat at 11am and I do have a uniform on me.
Shame on you! I know sarcasm and putting people down is the "norm" on this web site, but the college students working at the registration table are members of MCC Student Senate and volunteered to do + 41 more characters
Late registration begins 29 days before the election and closes Election Day at 8:00 p.m. Late registration must be done at your county election office, or the location designated by your County Elect + 88 more characters
voter registration today 10-5pm Miles Community College address is at 2715 Dickinson in the student services hall way
About a half hour ago (8:00 pm) I was driving down Main Street and nearly ran over two bull dogs. They were in the middle of the street and almost were hit by several cars. We pulled over and were abl + 497 more characters
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