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Same owners as Forsyth!! I think their Chinese food is awesome and much more reasonably priced! If it doesn't drive the other one out of business I would be suprised..,they are severly over priced and + 198 more characters
I have been going to dr. Stewart in glendive, MT during my pregnancy and she is awesome! The only drawback is having to travel! I only have three weeks left in my pregnancy so will be glad when the tr + 281 more characters
can you put the information on here on where we need to send the tickets!! Thanks
would love to see the vikings kick some butt and go to the super bowl!!!! This could be their year, I hope they can pull it off!! I am a huge Vikings fan along with the rest of my family!! I will be c + 117 more characters
LOVE the Hong Kong in Forsyth....drove down there a couple of weeks ago just to eat their food....It is so very delicious...Haven't tried the buffet but, their menu items are awesome and you get lots + 354 more characters
My husband I saw him in Billings!! It was an amazing show!! I recommend anyone to go and see him, his puppets and Guitar guy Brian Haner!! They all rock!
its all good kelly!! thanks for posting your comments! everyone has their own opinion! I do feel bad for Mr. Dukart that he got a DUI but I don't like the way he treats women. But, to each his own. I + 159 more characters
I am loving all this feedback keep it coming!! Sticks and stones etc... Also, to Kelly, if you are of the female gender: I am glad you have not had the opportunity to partake in the wonderful Mr. Duka + 395 more characters
thanks for the info David... If the mayor has nothing to do with the judges in our town then that is fine...It seems even worse to know that Miles Citians vote in such persons... He does not deserve t + 104 more characters
Just found out our local Miles City judge has finally gotten a DUI.. Coudn't have happened to a more deserving human being! I have not met or seen him personally, but, many of my family and friends ha + 983 more characters
I would just like to mention that the Yellowstone Tavern in Miles City has Awesome chicken dinners at a reasonable price! Broasted, but, none the less delicious!!!
some of them are terrible...one of my brothers coworkers in Glendive was goin to eat at Mcdonald's and noticed a man sitting kinda close by the drive thru....Well he was of course wanting money, the f + 582 more characters
I totally agree with you Sharlene....He has been my doctor for about five years, delivered my son, and has helped me with my endometriosis...I am now coming to the road where I am going to need a hyst + 218 more characters
I was just wondering if anyone has heard whether Dr. Rauh will be going to work over at the hospital now that he is done working for the Billings Clinic, or if he is just going to retire now officiall + 40 more characters
I love Mexico Lindo!! I must truly say, out of all the restuarants here in Miles City, it is by far my favorite!! If only I was in the mood for mexican food seven days a week, lol!!! I have sampled a + 524 more characters
also would like to remember Cassie Haydal and Catherine Woods. Class of 2001....
I would like to also remember my dad: Keith Huizinga, whom died on April 1, 2001! Seems hard to believe that he has been gone from us for eight years now, and I still miss him everyday!! My son looks + 119 more characters
My family and I ate at the Rib and Chop House on Sunday, for Mother's Day! We were seated promptly followed by wonderful attention from our waitress!! However, five out of the eight of us ordered the + 2157 more characters
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