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Crystal, do you have an address where we can send cards to Dustin and your family? Thanks for sharing the good news on Dustin. Of course we will continue to pray for all of you!
As of Tuesday,is there any new updates on Dustin? If anyone has any contact with the family please keep us posted and let the family know that our thoughts and prayers are with them.
Can you get pregnant performing oral sex. Are you still a virgin if its just anal sex! Talk to me Tina.
Bobby Kenney!
Ronnie Palmer. Hi again Mary Jane!
Rhonda Ryum-Miles Bartholemew. Hi Mary Jane Reiff!
Freaks and Geeks was a great show. Breaking Bad is a good show to if you have watched it from the first episode. Does anybody watch it!
Can anybody recall where Sleepermans Wharf was located. IT was in two different locations I think.
Hi Ben, just thought you mite want to chat a little. Whats going on out on the Crow Rock! Give me a shout back K.
It would be impossible to kick her out of bed for eating crackers!
She is a fine looking LADY!
Good morning Benjamin! Chat with you in the P.M.
Good nite Ben from the RED HILLS! Chat tomorrow K!
Hey Ben can you get water out of that fire hydrant! I remember on the N-N ranch you could get water out of the fire hydrant in the dugout pasture. Joe Johnsons Jenson Jack at Parkers did not put out m + 29 more characters
Get him a bale of straw to chew on,that should bind him up.Thats after you feed him the raw deer meat of course.
Late 60s early 70s Jan Smith was shot at the Alta Club.Alise Anderson shot and killed on garland street in the late 90s I believe. Anyone recall those two homicides.
It was Dallas Haley who was thrown into 12 mile. Gary Dent was the police officer that ran down Cody Schreiber and caught him in front of the Park Theater. Another double homicide I remember was at Ki + 608 more characters
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