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Faith.....The bridge between our knowledge and God's Wisdom. As long as you believe, with faith anything is possible. No matter what, no matter when! There is no more empowering force or solid ground + 166 more characters
Thanks Bob!
Nine years ago today America changed forever! That day was the most devasting terrorist attack our Nation has ever seen. The memories of that day are etched in my mind as if it were yesterday! I am a + 607 more characters
Dixie, I was planning on taking the bus, unless you want the company! Thanks for the offer...I love small communities!
Need to pickup car around noon at Enterpirse at 2123 1st Ave. N.
Thanks David I'll check into it!
New to Miles City, Is there any kind of public transportation between Miles City and Billings? Need to go into Billings on Friday to pick up a rental car. Thanks for any info.....
I just recently moved to Miles City from Texas, I have learned that my Great Grandfather Franklin Wright's younger brother lived and was buried in Miles City. His name was Edward Wright, the informati + 226 more characters
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