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I pressed charges. Got the little jerk on video. Go BB Gun teams!
cubby and cyndie, watch for a silver taurus. He's my mom's neighbor and his name is Chris Gulden. He is a vandal with no remorse. I advise the entire town to be on a lookout. He has shot out several o + 194 more characters
I had a friend that lived in the neighborhood of the video store. I remember going in there one night and being so freaked out I couldn't stay long enough to rent a video. Soon after the murder there + 174 more characters
Rick - I have many fond memories of the Elks Lodge and have always been amazed by it's architecture and decor. I went to your website to check it out and discovered there was no information on how to + 847 more characters
The Straw Bale House that I saw, was insulated with straw and the walls were a plastery cement mixture. He was literally shaping the walls with chicken wire and molding it with his hands. He would smo + 185 more characters
Fantastic idea!
Lisa - thanks for the info. I don't live there, though. My point was to stimulate questions in others. Good luck with your business. I have a large family in Miles City and my return is inevitable. No + 903 more characters
Tamera, I know you wanted Miles City area, but there were 2 straw bale houses built in Livingston area. One of which, I was lucky enough to tour and speak with the owner. I know he works at the Grill + 88 more characters
Okay I get it you aren't democrats. What about the economy? Do you really think these taxcuts are putting us back on track? What about money spent on war? I agree some presidential candidates are sayi + 655 more characters
Write a letter to the editor letting people know what your plans are. Then, start talking to local businesses, not only asking them to sign the petition but also, for donations. Make sure you have a k + 724 more characters
Tracy - check out these websites. They make it apparent why Bush should not be in office again. I also recommend reading - "Stupid white men" a + 202 more characters
I think I have 3 (okay 4) questions: What made Randall Lumber so successful in selling produce? How many businesses are locally owned right now? Primarily, what kind of businesses are they? Why was Wa + 1700 more characters
I think Clark is the best man for the job. He has reasonable plans for national security and tax reform. Clark said, "I hate what has happened to this country." Noone could have said it better.
I, for one, am really frustrated at what has happened to Miles City. I personally do not feel that more strip malls are the answer. MC needs something that doesn't just create jobs but also invests in + 649 more characters
I jsut realized the date on this forum. If anyone else wants help, the offer still stands.
Case, Some good sponsors would be skateboard manufacturers and distributers. I would also think about asking Walmart. They have a really bad reputation for ruining communities. It is the least they co + 1198 more characters
Pete, Actually I think that would be my great-grandfather, as my grandfather moved to Michigan when my dad was very young. He was raised as a son to my great-grandfather. Dad is still in MC. Retired a + 119 more characters
Hey all - I was just wondering if anyone who will be attending the reunion checks in on this website? If anyone knows exactly what will be happening? Or even if you're just excited like me and wanted + 18 more characters
Pete, was that Tom Randall or Charlie Randall? I don't know that much about my dad's (Charlie Randall) "younger days". Any funny stories I can torture him with would be much appreciated. kristi randa + 2 more characters
Hey Matt - I was just in MC for christmas, it was freezing. Not a lot of action around town. Do you love this website? I couldn't control myself when I first discovered it. I sat and read every tidbi + 164 more characters
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