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Seems there might be a problem with the site software or something D.Schitt.You still are not a very representative.
I for one am glad that you are representing milescity.com and not Miles City David Schott.You seem to be a poor representative.
You might notice Bridgier that I said there was not a flag on my screen.Tell me about reading again.I rebooted and now it is there.But now I am a "dumbass" and cannot read for asking a question and po + 210 more characters
I just want to know who can and cannot read IP address here and if some can read any email sent through this site if you look up someone and hit the email button.David Schott can read IP address here + 172 more characters
Can you read emails sent through this site David Schott?
I do not have that flag on my screen David Schott. Tell me how to use the information you refer to in order to determine your IP address as an example please.
I like your IP spying on posters to milescity.com David Schott.Are you a fan of the NSA? How far does your spying here go? Can you read emails sent through this site David Schott?
Several years ago a pilot friend of mine crashed an airplane.In this instance he and his passenger were killed and while the aircraft could not be rescued or identified pictures of the wreck were publ + 2116 more characters
If you like your socialist dream you can keep your socialist dream T.James Bolton.
Politicians have their own stock market.I think this started with Bill Clinton.Instead of leading or being a leader,he pioneered today`s modern practice of consulting the polls before making any decis + 465 more characters
This person is very lucky to not have been attacked and eaten alive.Remember never to drive with your windows down hence you are opening yourself up to a random attack.Also never go hiking in the area + 149 more characters
Wasn`t Billy Bob hooked up with Angela Jolie or something?
No JWA it does not.It matters only if you can say you have more formal schooling than someone else.It makes you way smarter.I know this from experience.Take Bill Gates for example.On the other end of + 338 more characters
I think BAD GT approached 284 standing mile.A modified Ford. A modified very cool Ford that was in the showrooms a while back.I do not know how streetable it is compared to this car.Rumors of another + 168 more characters
Are there any identifying markings on the bayonet.
As for the cans in california.I did not see that part of your post.All I know is that the people I knew told me a social security number was required and that is why the kids were no longer recycling. + 293 more characters
From what I remember Ron Paul said that if,and these are my words not his,that if bitcoin amounts to anything the government will get a piece of it.I was going to mention I think the government at som + 416 more characters
I accidently ran across something an hour ago.There was a hearing,I think in Illinois where whoever was in charge of the hearing was hearing testimony where cyber currency is unregulated and is like t + 1049 more characters
The US government could declare use of bitcoin illegal.Same as any other currency and could forbid US banks from doing business in bitcoin and forbid them from doing business with banks and countrys a + 284 more characters
I was watching a Ron Paul interview,I don`t remember even what it was about and I really was not listening.At the end the interview the reporter asked about bitcoin and I perked a bit.Ron Paul said so + 722 more characters
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