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That looks like Lewes, Delaware! I was there for the first time last year; great place and I got some great pictures there too. Those towers are WWII vintage.
Hi Larry, Great American photos! You have an eye for this art. Great subjects and great composition. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Cheryl Wonderful work! An amazing collection of art that you produced. I like how you capture the humanity of your subjects, both with paint and clay. Flickr is a good showplace for your work. I ha + 204 more characters
My wife came up with this caption - I can only take credit for the drawing.
Executives need to take a break once in a while.
Thank you Cheryl, I agree, cartoons are a wonderful and serious art form. I've tried to perfect my unique style over the last few years. I hope you continue to enjoy my postings. Bob
Nothing a Tic-Tac cannot fix.
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