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Is this two different classes or the same class offered two different times?
I believe the age for getting your permit without taking the official driving classes is 16, but I will call the high school and the DMV for more information. I just thought maybe someone had some per + 76 more characters
I was wondering if anyone is aware of another way to get a drivers permit without doing it through the high school. My son is 15 and is in his last yr in a rural school, and I was hoping to be able to + 106 more characters
Thank you Michelle. I will be calling you, I do want a catalog! :-)
I totally forgot about this, was in town, was going to drop in, got home later that night, a friend asked me how the Open House went.....that was when I remembered I was going to go! sigh My question + 52 more characters
We used to live in Stevensville, so we did go to Splash MT quite a bit. Miss it too!
We so much miss living near enough to Silverwood to drive there in a day, spend all day, and back home again! Love that place, and it is an option, we were just hoping we'd find a closer option.
Thanks!!! I will check out these web sites!
I'm looking for an amusement park to go to this summer and was wondering if anyone knows of any near or at least closer than Silverwood in Sand Point ID. Thanks!
Ok thank you I will give her a call.
I'm looking for the contact person for Mt jr high rodeo in Miles city. I have a son in the 8th grade who is contemplating joining the team. Can anyone direct me to the right person? Thank you! Rachel
Thanks for all the replies! As for Amazon I did look there but would like to know exactly where they are coming from. I also found a very helpful website www.kefirlady.com Great informative website! + 88 more characters
I am looking for somewhere to buy kefir grains. I did post this in the classified section but go no response, so thought maybe someone on here would see this and be able to direct me in the correct di + 24 more characters
Thanks for the replies. Going to check with the high school and see what they recommend or know about.
cowdog.....these are kids we're talking about! I personally know that some of them do have jobs, so yes they pay taxes. They have bought their own skateboards and bicycles with the money they have ear + 138 more characters
I am speaking from the position of 'mom of a teenage BMX bike rider.' From all the laws that I have researched for my bike riding kiddos,there are no bicycle helmet laws in our state. I'm not replying + 975 more characters
Does anyone know of a Miles City community choir or know if Miles City has any type of choir besides high school?
Thank you so much Olive! That is the exact information that I was looking for!
Does anyone know if the signups have passed for Jr high football?
Thank you so much for the replies. I was assuming this was the case, but was hoping for voices of experience. I will call WMS for more info.
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