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Donated; thanks
Won't go into previous billings but....just received a bill from January that I insisted was not mine. After much calling, etc., the office visit was for my wife but billed to my insurance. I hear ya! + 1 more characters
Happy Birthday!
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The police woke us up as there was a witness that had reported it.
RE: THEFT 10 years ago
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I agree Steve. Unless...someone took it that was here visiting for Easter weekend. Either way, it stinks.
RE: THEFT 10 years ago
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I remember reading about that!
THEFT 10 years ago
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On March 31, someone took our lawn ornament that was right by the front door. This boot is four feet tall and made out of concrete mix. It is decorated in Southwestern design. The street light is so b + 389 more characters
Her owner just found her! Yay!
This little dog is scared and lost. I am unable to catch him. If he is yours, he is running up and down Ponderosa Drive.
We appreciate your dedication and hard work!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
What a wonderful time the three of you must be having! Keep the good times rolling! Thanks for keeping us up to date on "Miles City's Shy." I think in a way a part of her heart belongs to all of us! V + 112 more characters
Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Howdy!
Awesome! You do have a lot to be thankful for! So happy things are looking good for all of you! Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving.....gobble, gobble, Vickie
We'll be seeing you and Shy on television next! Vickie
Steve, thanks for one of the most heartfelt stories I've read; you nailed it. Vickie
I agree! Vickie
Thank you for stepping in and putting a stop to the BS on the best forum Miles City had. I, as well as others, have been proud that it has maintained what it started out to be....about a dog and a wom + 645 more characters
Brandi and Shy finally arrived home tonight and one of the first things she was going to do was sit down with her partner and mother to view the Reunion. That won't be available to them now but I know + 151 more characters
Josh, I look forward to you posting your photos/videos here of Brandi and Shy. I, as well as others, appreciate your time and dedication to such a good cause! Thanks, Vickie
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