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It's 'follow' not 'fallow.' The cops aren't plowing you. And if they are...then this is a different conversation.
"Which suggest the U.S. exists on to 2312 or thereabouts." That is based off of the assumption that Rome existed for 236 years previously (236 years is what America's lifespan has been thus far.) The + 393 more characters
I have an idea. Just throw up a big aluminum sided shed over the Oasis. It would be indoor. Win win win right there.
I read last week we only import 20% of our oil from the Middle East, namely Saudi Arabia (who we just got done selling a bunch of F-15s and an accessory kit that would make GI JOE giddy), Iraq (who we + 225 more characters
url This place will help narrow your decision down.
Apparently certain posters on here either: A: Don't know and don't care to understand how our government works. or B: Don't like Obama because he is an evil, liberal, Muslim, anti-Christ who eats babi + 45 more characters
Wait...I thought this was 'WAR ON CHRISTMAS' season, not tin foil hat season.
"It's not God or the lack thereof, it's human nature." Which then begs the question of what is the Christian God's nature? Child/human sacrifice, ordering the genocide of non-Israelite tribes, suggest + 178 more characters
How about talented and funny?
I've never posted here before, but I couldn't resist with this topic:
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