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WOW I like all of the pictures of all of the old buildings thanks guys, I especially like the one of the old main street when there were all kinds of stores, bars, and such, I used to love walking dow + 382 more characters
Wonder with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson is such a good movie, I highly recommend it
Ah is the Hearts in Hands a new place? I have never heard of it
Ah I see Well I just SMDH, at this Kristine Maas, her family and this whole damn lying scheme,and I can't imagine and hate to believe that there are really people out there who would do this, I am NOT + 471 more characters
SMDH!! OK, NOT to "BEAT A DEAD HORSE" but I have been off of here for a while, and after reading all of this, The comments from everyone, and the anger from Krissy Maas and her daughters, I'm sorry bu + 877 more characters
Well folks here's an idea, How about everyone in Miles City DONATE some money to make Spotted Eagle a recreational place, like our Wylie Park and Storybook land here in Aberdeen SD. We have miniature + 492 more characters
Hmm, Nice to know that this is what our tax money is going toward, Oh yes let's help those who take advantage of it, all the while those who really need it have to go through a long process, How fair + 17 more characters
BINGO!!! I have seen ALL of these, and then some, How about those moms wearing really nice clothes and high heels while their child or children are dressed like rag dolls, or no clothes and just a dia + 563 more characters
Thanks guys I was wondering what if anything happened to Scott and Sarah
Yes I agree, This is sad news, Both David Bowie, and Alan Rickman were great actors, It's sad to see them pass, Although it is also a blessing that they are not suffering anymore, R.I.P both of them!!
I agree, I lived in Aberdeen, South Dakota for about seven years (and every one knows it is a bigger city, and we drive faster because we have four lanes)And every time I came back here to visit I alm + 649 more characters
Hmm, Let's see, KILL him, or Let him rot in PRISON?? Now please don't get me wrong, as I do agree there should at least be some kind of justice for the families that lost their loved ones, But How can + 386 more characters
UMM, How did this conversation go from the Scott Price story, to people degrading others by the way they write, or spell? Dave is right here, Let's stay on the subject here people. Just saying, Thanks + 130 more characters
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