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I am right there with you. They just "fixed" mine two days ago only for it to still not work two hours later.
Roku fire stick will give you access to massive amount of TV for minimal charge. I wish I had stuck to that instead of getting dish too, but I don't make all the decisions.
My 10 year old daughter has problems. I was told by YDI that I needed to get it documented that she was cruel to animals before she would get into a group home or get other services. The opposite is t + 814 more characters
My girls are still there. I miss them so much. I don't know how to get them back. Pandora's skin condition is probably as bad as it was when I first adopted her. Asherah was still a kitten. I doubt sh + 40 more characters
My cats were illegally taken from me using gaslighting techniques and a system that was Hell-bent on destroying my family. East Main is currently holding Pandora and Asherah against their best interes + 97 more characters
I am Jonna Grace Knowles Pevey Blankenship. I am here to rip the lid off the vipers nest that passes for a hospital. I am a product of that hospital, born addicted to doctor prescribed drugs circa 197 + 888 more characters
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