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Both sides do what the lobbyist tell them. When the Zionist rulers want a new law they have their lobbyist pay the politicians to write and pass it. They then get the bought law enforcement to enforce + 181 more characters
Tolerance = gullible
Hal resembles Weinstein [Edited by gunsngold (10/11/2017 8:43:03 PM)]
I hope there's no race war, or world war. Me and my family have many friends that are of ethnic or other racial origins, and I would hate to see harm befall any of them. Also, I hate trump. I said i + 731 more characters
Sound's like you libtards need some tissues. Stop being scared of people with different ideals or beliefs, where's the tolerance from you leftist weather underground terrorist types. still sulking o + 140 more characters
I don't care if you feel better CJ. your emotional state is yours, and you own it. All your talk wont change that this web site is a meeting place for self loathing weather underground leftist atheist + 733 more characters
This was a self loathing traitor. Just like the progressives are traitors to America, they spit on our flag, and curse capitalism as being a white privilege system. he was antifa, and a new convert to + 709 more characters
Fake news from Hal Gunner Bridgier. I once new a man from Nantucket ETC............
Never went to ground zero, never claimed to. There are plenty of pictures and videos of the wreckage site to be studied, and none of them have any plane parts in them. 911 was an inside job planned + 83 more characters
I never seen a plane crash with no plane wreckage before 911. However Hal and Gunner and the rest of the miles city liberals are the intellectuals, so they must be right. I bet the chief of police eve + 761 more characters
911 was an inside job perpetrated by Zionist/globalist bankers.
Always an argument to justify ones perspective. lets remember that the "conspiracy" "Gulf of Tonkin" and "US liberty" were real. This means, Hal, you are trying to justify a perspective that is easily + 452 more characters
The conservatives have been lead astray, as the white nationalist said prior to trumps election. Trump is a Zionist liberal and the world is falling into a war that the left wants. I hope a leftist d + 1136 more characters
Trump is the Swamp! The only person who couldn't beat Trump in an election was Hillary. Hillary was the globalist choice to throw the election in favor of Donald Trump. I said this before the electio + 97 more characters
Wouldn't wanna miss that.
Why do you want everyone to work all the damn time, I work enough already. I'll cut my hours in half, and someone else can do the hard part.
They still have yall talking after 21 yrs.
trump just OK'ed new sanctions on 9 Russian companies banning sales of their weapons to Syria. Don't sound like he is in Russia's corner to me. This is Brics Vs Nato. You can not have two competin + 210 more characters
I bet one of these girls, is nick named "rainbow snacth". She probably named herself, and is a wishful thinker. I met a Russian at the courthouse the other day, lets boycott courthouses.
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